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Let's hope they don't cut back production too much........

November 2 2017 at 1:57 AM
fatboyharris  (Login fatboyharris)
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Response to Yup

as it becomes a form of oil embargo like the various embargo's eg we have against Russian.

If they continue to act together in a concerted manner we may well see oil shortages and another oil crisis like 73....the days of reliance on oil is coming to the beginning of the end.....what better time for the oil producers (by rationing oil forcing prices upward) to diversify your GDP portfolio from oil reliance to other technologies and industries (which many have indicated) when you cause an oil crisis, a resultant recession and stock markets plummet and you snap up industries for a song compared to today's prices....Q8 did it a couple of recessions ago........we are in for a rough ride before too long.

It's coming and we are sleep walking into it and people are kidding themselves if they think the oil producers are just going to sell us their last barrel or just not maximise the benefit of the remaining oil in the ground especially with long term demand curve heading downwards.A bit scary as its not going to be as simply as jumping from a petrol car into an electric...oil producers are going to have a big influence,early signs are they are starting to act in concert again which hasn't happened in quite a while, as some state's national interests have gotten in the way.

The real funny bit is that we are selling them the arms to defend themselves...should it become necessary to invade those oil producing countries to secure oil sources....

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