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agreed, and here's my opinion on value

January 5 2018 at 1:49 AM
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Response to Some thoughts......

I agree with Autaviano's opinion, that there is value in this watch, but also that there are questions (about the hands).

As nobody has given you any opinions on value, I will give it a shot.
Please understand that this is purely my opinion.

First, a 6542 gmt with a non-period service dial costs like 15000 usd these days. What a dealer would pay for that, I do not know, but say 10.000
(remember he has to find the right client, has it serviced, needs to pay for his shop etc)
A service dial pops up from time to time for say 2000, so the watch without the dial is 8000.

Then the dial you have. I agree it is not perfect, but it is not very bad either. There are plenty 6542 around with worse dials than this.
I kinda like it. As far as I can judge it has not been relumed, but that is my opinion.
I have seen some dials priced at around 6000 in this condition, but then again trade value is maybe 5000?

And last but not least, the bezel. Nice ones have sold for 20.000, but this one is of course a lot less. Say 5000 trade value.

So simply adding the values of the parts is 8000 + 5000 + 5000 = 18.000
And if you have some old pics of it to add to the 60 years of history, at auction it can do more.

I hope there are others who would discuss these values as well.

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