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Tudor 7016 help

March 9 2012 at 12:27 AM
Ivan  (Login TheHobbit)
from IP address

Good day. I need help with this Tudor 7016 that I have been offered. I have had a look at the watch and thus far I have managed to establish the following:

The serial number of the watch, 761xxx falls in the correct range of serial number for the watch.
The model number 7016/0 is engraved between the lugs as is the serial number.

My question is:

1. The owner is willing to bring the watch to RSC for verification. Is this enough as I have been told that sometimes RSC can make mistakes especially on old vintage models.
2. The dial is 'SWISS' and not 'T SWISS T'. Is this a redial? A service dial or a fake?
3. I was told that the watch was originally issued with a Rolex bracelet and clasp. Is this true? if so, what would be the right bracelet, clasp and end piece model numbers? If not, what would be the right Tudor model numbers.

The watch.



Thank you all.

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(Login fujituji)

Nice watch

March 9 2012, 6:08 AM 

I have the same model but the mercedes dial. Nice watch.

Have you been here:


I thought they originally came on Tudor 9315 (or 9315T) bracelet. C&I riveted 7206 bracelet which is correct for the year and model.


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(Login larryccf)

you may want to post over on the rolex forum

March 9 2012, 9:38 AM 

one of the criteria they go by is the "=" between meters and feet to be centered over the "A" in submariner, which that dial appears to do. But that serial, while correct for the model, i don't think is correct for the snowie dial - i may be wrong, but i thought the snowie dial didn't come out till early 70s, and on this forum's tudor serial number reference page (http://www.tudorcollector.com/copenhagen-watches.com/TudorIndex1.htm ) an 827xxx serial shows to have been documented as a 1974 watch

I could be wrong, but that may be a service dial

also would need good shots of the engravings between the 12:00 & 6:00 lugs - the "stainless steel" engraved, should have "E"s with a shorter horizontal center leg than the upper and lower horizontal legs - there are a number of fakes that don't, but even that control may be shortlived as soon as the counterfeiters catch up with that

the font style of thee "7" in the 7016/0 is also unique to tudor


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(Login larryccf)

forgot - link to

March 9 2012, 9:41 AM 

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(Login TheHobbit)

Thanks for the response

March 9 2012, 10:34 AM 

And suggestion. I will post on the Rolex forum. I have checked against the Tudor Serial number reference page and this watch is from 1971/72. According to the reference page, the earliest listed Snowflake 7016/0 is from 1968 with a serial number 624XXX. There another from 1970 serial number 742XXX with black SWISS dial. So based in these data, I am guessing the watch is ok in terms of serial number.

Again, thank you.

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(Login Kiaraff)
VRF Member

Swiss only dial is ok and rare.

March 9 2012, 11:46 AM 

Serial is right for this type of dial.

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