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34mm oysterdates too smal? 36mm datejust any better?

April 14 2017 at 12:33 PM
Brian R  (no login)
from IP address

i just bought a 34mm oysterdayte after convincing myself i would be fine with the size, as i dont like oversized watches... after receiving it today, i thought it was way too small. the more i look at it the more i like it however. im 21 and i own my own company and purchased it after i met my sales goals this month. with that being said, i have a rather small wrist. i normally wear a crappy gold nixon that is only slightly larger when compared. i dont know if i should return it, flip it, or hold on to it. would upgrading to a datejust offer much difference, i couldnt imagine it being too much larger...

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(Login ChazHen)
VRF Member

Just keep wearing it for another couple months >>>

April 14 2017, 1:46 PM 

If it bothers you THAT much afterwards, then consider a DJ. The difference, though minimal, is noticeable.

Good luck

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(Login seve1945)
VRF Member

If you have a small wrist, the Date is a good size.

April 14 2017, 4:18 PM 

Keep wearing it and after a while it will be a part of you.

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(Login vintageguy3)

34mm date

April 15 2017, 4:13 PM 

as you grow older, you'll learn that less is more.

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(Login mineralVRF)

This is very true

April 17 2017, 5:55 PM 

I am going into this direction as I interested with smaller watch nowadays. Especially the vintage one.

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(Login OysterQuartz1)

same predicament

April 16 2017, 9:44 AM 

I just got a vintage 34mm oyster precision. It does feel small and doesn't have a huge presence but does feel elegant and classy (something modern day Rolexes have lost). I recommend making a small collection of watches based on mood. Some days you go classy, some days you go bling bling, some days comfort, etc. Keep it and use it.

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Francis P
(Login maxbliss888)
VRF Member


April 18 2017, 2:11 AM 

I think the comfortable size for wearing is between 34-36mm

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(Login OysterCollector)
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both 34mm and 36mm have their unique

April 18 2017, 5:20 AM 

qualities about them. I remember a time back around 1979/1980 when the quartz and slim lined watches were the hype and in my opinion a style that naver goes out of fashion, that those bulky thick early 1970's timepieces were so unsightly that they were hard to give away. It looks with the new trend, that those bulky pieces have returned in fashion, but are more grossly obese than their forefathers, where you would need an arm sling to wear one without banging into a door opening.

I still believe that anything from 34, 35 and 36 mm (and the sports 38-40mm divers) range all have an impact as for daily wearers where they can have a dualily effect of being both a tool watch and a dress watch at the same time. I recall that a watch was always judged according to how flat and thin it was and also how functional it was as a tool at the same time, especially recalling in 1981; with the the flat PVD Omega Divers watch with caliber 1332 being advertised as a watch with two identities fitting to be both a divers watch and a watch worn with your tuxedo. Rolex models were just right being in the middle of the road where they still had an appeal about them.

Believe me that it won't be long that all these heavy bulky pieces will soon go out of fashion just as quick as they came in. I was never appealed by those heavyweight arm anchors back in the 70's. 80's nor today to say the least.

I say let it grow on you and enjoy your 34mm in good health and admire it for what it is.

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John Ireland
(Login ffigcar)
VRF Moderator

big watches are a recent fad

April 18 2017, 1:53 PM 

With the exception of the giant pilot watches worn in unpressurized bombers in WW2, or the equally oversized dive watches of the same era, normal watches were in the 33mm and 34mm size. The Rolex Explorer was offered in both 34 and 36 sizes. Omega in the 30s and 40s made some nice 38mm dress watches...but that was not the norm.

Beginning in the late 80s with the Brietling watches...bigger became...bigger. Part of it was the retro pilot looks, a lot of it was "mine is bigger than yours" stuff. It's been going that way since. However in the last few years there has been a renewed interest in something that is classier and more useful...the 34 and 36 size of watches. Even slim movements are gaining interest from buyers.

Your 34mm is just perfect. It will always be a classic watch...and it will be more useful and comfortable than the "big" watches. That said, the 36mm DateJust is far from big by today's standards and you may want to try one of those eventually...but don't make those 2mm difference stop you from enjoying your 34mm Rolex.

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(Login romrol)
VRF Member

the eye will adjust to 34mm fine, and the wrist will love you for it

April 18 2017, 5:47 PM 

I have a normal wrist and own two 34MM pieces (6298 and 15037), and each time I wear them:
after 20mins your eye has adjusted to the smaller size,
...and your wrist thanks you all throughout the day: you will forget you are even wearing a watch !

extremely natural, organic, and comfortable.

highly recommend.

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