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USPS registered mail(parcel) discountinued to Canada and Europe/Asia and other countries

October 3 2017 at 7:01 PM

Ray Wu  (Login raywu)
VRF Member
from IP address

Apparently, since last week USPS discontinued their registered parcel mail(sending registered mail-letters and documentations still works - but not sending goods) to many countries. I have tried ship to Canada, UK, Denmark and Singapore with no success.

Does anyone experiencing the same problem shipping from the US to other countries via USPS registered mail? USPS didn't provide any reasons.

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(Login greekbum)
VRF Member

Re: USPS registered mail(parcel) discountinued to Canada and Europe/Asia and other countries

October 3 2017, 7:29 PM 

Ray sending registered mail outside the USA is a crapshoot anyways. They have lost a few packages of mine in the last few years and i never saw a dime. Basically they said once it leaves the USA its up to the receiving country and is not treated the same way as it is here. . Registered mail i was told was intended for the USA only. Its a shame we don't have an economical way to send something overseas with tracking.

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Ray Wu
(Login raywu)
VRF Member

Hi Nikos

October 3 2017, 7:51 PM 

Agreed with you, that USPS overseas registered mail is crappy sometimes. But I have been using that service sending many small items overseas without any problem at a moderate shipping cost with a workable tracking. Always use FedEx for other shipping.

That really sucks as not everyone is willing pay $50 for FedEx for small items.

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(Login greekbum)
VRF Member

Re: Hi Nikos

October 3 2017, 8:32 PM 

Ray trust me i understand im in the same position as you Whats amazing is i spend my summers in Greece and for 4- 5 euro i can send a small package EMS anywhere in the world with tracking and usually arrives in the USA in 3-5 days.

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(Login ChazHen)
VRF Member

You wanna talk about USPS and crap?

October 3 2017, 9:36 PM 

I mailed out a regular small package (straps - couple hundred bucks) first class on Sept 25 from one end of the US to the other.

I check the "tracking" daily and get NOTHING beyond Sept 28. Have filed a package search case with USPS but will not be holding my breath. Ironically I mailed out a $4k watch a few days before that (priority but uninsured) and it arrived its destination with no probs. How is it a simple small, virtually non weighted package can go undelivered like this? Stuck between the carrier's seat cushions?

They have ONE job...getting entrusted mail from point A to point B without mucking it all up.

No wonder they're in dire straits.

Rant over...thanks!

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Paul Russell
(Login polruss)
VRF Member

Mixed feelings about USPS...

October 3 2017, 11:31 PM 

I have usually had no great problems receiving goods from the US to Scotland. My last experience with USPS was when a watch posted from NYC took almost exactly a year (yes 12 months) to arrive, I had actually forgotten about it. It arrived with so many stamps and labels on the box that it certainly clocked up enough air miles for a decent summer holiday.


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(Login RolexWatchTime)
VRF Moderator

I used to trust USPS implicitly...until

October 4 2017, 12:47 PM 

Mike Wood generously forwarded me a very rare item via Royal Mail Signed For...This would be the equivalent of Registered Mail USPS...and treated the same way when it was in the USA.

Registered mail is an expensive proposition and painfully slow because of it's precision...it should be fool proof...each time the parcel changes hands or at the end of the day it is locked and logged. The last person who signs it in or out is responsible...theoretically...well until something goes wrong.

I tracked this to "out for delivery" status. It never came to my mailbox and no notice was ever given that it had been attempted to be delivered nor was it ever stated as attempted to be delivered in the tracking history. It remained "out for delivery" until it was removed from the records. The parcel simply vanished. The post office literally did NOT give a shit. Sorry for my French.

They shined it on like it was tough luck. This was basically not something of huge value, but not something one could simply go get another one somewhere. I made repeated visits to the post office and pushed them to hound the carrier...they would have none of it. They just didn't care.

They said he is welcome to make a claim...and basically slammed the door.

What was once the most secure method of transport next to armored car became 100% useless on that day.

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(Login idahowatchdude)
VRF Member

I had issues with 2 different parcels from Europe last Christmas.

October 4 2017, 1:32 PM 

Not only is it frustrating to not receive packages (whether of value or not) but it can sometimes put a thorn in a relationship status with another member. On 2 separate occasions last December I was to receive a package from Britain and one from Spain. The package from Spain never got to me and was marked 'returned to sender' for whatever reason. The parcel from Britain was left at a rental house next to my house and the tenants who were living there at the time just left it in a cupboard only to be discovered by the owners of the house (whom I know) a few months later! The parcel was deemed 'delivered' - even though I never received it and, never would have unless the owner of the rental property gave it back to me! This put an undue strain on my relationship with the sender of the parcel (who is a longtime member in good standing of VRF). I guess I learned a couple of lessons: NEVER ship anything around Christmas time with the USPS and, by all means, use caution when shipping via USPS.

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