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Rolex 6542 midcase and matte dial: counterfeit, service or genuine?

November 10 2017 at 5:11 PM
Todd  (Select Login tmw57)
VRF Member
from IP address

Hi All,

A few months ago I sold a 6542 midcase and matte service dial to someone I know to be a reliable and honest buyer. The dial was originally purchased by me on VRM about 18 months ago. The guy I got the dial from is an exceptionally reliable member of VRF who I have purchased from before and will again.

The midcase was purchased by me from a European dealer perhaps 2 years ago, but not sure..I will post the links to that dealers site showing the midcase and to my own FS ad in VRM a few months back.

My buyer contacted me several days ago with concerns about the case and dial. There have been mixed reactions from various collectors, but some of the most knowledgeable have said that the dial is most probably refinished and the midcase is most probably a service item. I have learned that the midcase should not have "Registered Design" at such an early ('55) date, and the bevels should be more pronounced.

Please allow me to plead ignorance and nothing more. I assume full responsibility for descriptions and assertions that may have been incorrect . I thought that the above items had been properly vetted by experts as both had been shown on VRM, albeit at different times. But these items may have fallen through the cracks, and it was careless of me to assume that because they had not been "called out" that all was well.

I await your opinions and replies.



dealers ad: https://www.chrono-shop.net/en/gmt-divers-/4554-rare-genuine-1955-rolex-bakelite-gmt-master-watch-6542-case-midcase-cal-1036-gmt.html?search_query=6542&results=774

my VRM FS ad:http://www.network54.com/Forum/207673/thread/1501543236/Rolex++6542+midcase.+A+spectacular+example

dial pics: the first 3 pics are from the original seller (to me), next 5 pics from me to my buyer, and last 2 pics are most recent and from my buyer

[urlhttps://imgur.com/AyvXOGM][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/VFEW63V][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/jSJiFro][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/wDH3yB3][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/DAMRl9r][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/iKa7WuS][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/VK1K9gj][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/58lNIxh][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/ezPLHBr][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/9Smdsam][img][linked image][/img][/url]

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(Login juneja)
VRF Member

Can't comment directly on this but...

November 12 2017, 5:19 AM 

...Todd you are one of the straightest people I have had the pleasure of dealing with and I would not hesitate to deal with you again.

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(Select Login tmw57)
VRF Member

Thanks so much for the kind words..

November 12 2017, 6:01 AM 

I just want my buyer to be taken care of to his satisfaction-

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(Login rallepeng)
VRF Member

hey todd, dial for me is original service dial...

November 12 2017, 10:25 PM 

[linked image]

... but when i see who is the seller of that case i dont need to look closer, julien olivares/chrono-shop is the badest ever in my books!
ralle happy.gif

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(Login suisset40)
VRF Member

Hello Todd, with regard to the dial you bought. My VRM return policy is 3 days but....

November 13 2017, 3:47 AM 

but my personal return policy on items I sold, independently from humors and rumors, is UNLIMITED !

Best regards



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(Login bigboystoys)
VRF Contributing Member

The dial is good (nt)

November 13 2017, 4:38 AM 

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(Select Login tmw57)
VRF Member

Thanks E!

November 13 2017, 5:13 AM 

I never had any doubts about you, so was surprised to hear about the dial and needed some other opinions.
At this point I am still happy to take it back from the buyer if he wishes.

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(Select Login tmw57)
VRF Member

Thanks everyone..

November 13 2017, 5:15 AM 


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(Select Login tmw57)
VRF Member

Any opinion about the case?

November 15 2017, 6:41 AM 


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