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November 29 2017 at 3:58 AM
Jon  (Login jonhings)
from IP address

Hi all,

Any thoughts out there on this situation? I bought a piece recently, was very happy with it, price seemed fair etc. Then when browsing other watch stores, they enquired after my new purchase, but after examination immediately told me the hands had been re-lumed. Quite worried, I showed it to 2 other shops and they told me the same thing straight away. They all said it was worth around 2/3 of what I paid (I never told them what I paid).

I took it back to the shop where I bought it, and they said their experts had verified it and all was good. I asked who they were and they said "it's against policy to share that information". They then sent me to a "shop they trust" and when I arrived, the guy met me at the door and said "the watch is fine!". I asked if he knew the watch, and had inspected it. He said no. I asked him how hew knew it was fine. He reluctantly examined the watch, and after removing the batteries three times over in his lume examination tool, he said "its probably fine". I asked him if his store is comfortable authenticating? He said no, it's not his problem. But he said he'd pay 2/3 of what I paid for it.

The store I purchased it from has a 3 month return policy, but they said it's been too long to return it now (its been 2 months). I'd like to get it verified by an independant store, but they only trust "their experts" they said.

Any thoughts? If I knew it was all original, I'd keep it. If I knew it was relumed, and only paid 2/3rds of what I did, I'd be fine too. Its this being over charged and feeling like I've been misled which is eating away.

Thank you for reading, and moderators please remove if inappropriate etc.
Thanks and good evening.

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(Login southtexas111)
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Yes sounds like a dilemma, but...

November 29 2017, 12:44 PM 

They have a 3 month return policy, and you are within said 3 months. Are there printed restrictions on said return, or is it a general “no questions asked” policy?

Was the watch listed/sold to you as all-original? May or may not depending, depending on above.

Are the other stores you visited more qualified than the seller to determine if the hands have been relumed?

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(Login janiceandfred)
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November 29 2017, 3:23 PM 

reading your post it seems you are fine with the possible re-luming and your only problem in enjoying the watch is you feel you deserve a 1/3 discount from your paid price as it's "eating away".

if your description of events is accurate i doubt you will get anywhere with the seller despite the return policy, so you may as well resign yourself to enjoying the watch and not dwelling on the lack of discount you feel you deserve. setting aside your purchase price you are happy with the watch itself as-is so that is where you need to get yourself to.

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(Login Robbe1675)
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agree, and

November 29 2017, 11:54 PM 

The only thing you can make an issue out of with the seller is the fact that the hands are (probably) relumed.
Normally, with expensive pieces, prices of hands are known. If it would be say a 5513, than relumed hands are 200 euro where Original are double.
You can discuss that price difference.

But the fact that everybody says you paid too much, you need to forget.
They Always say that, because they rather would have sold a watch to you themselves, but didn't. And if you were in the market for another watch, you would turn to them first. Because they would not rip you off, they sell value for money. You now think.
And if you would want to sell the watch (to them), you were already softened up for the price they would offer you.
Basic "professional" seller tactics. (not meaning to offence sellers here)
Ever bought a used car?

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(Login vintage83)

Odd that hands are worth 1/3

November 29 2017, 7:37 PM 

Not sure the watch you are referring to but I can’t think of many where the hands sell for 1/3 of the price of the watch as a whole. Have you tried pricing out original hands through the forum or anywhere else? It would seem you want to keep the watch but question the hands so maybe the answer is to see if the store would be willing to buy a set for you given the hands are questionable. If they are unwilling I would push them on their return policy given you are within the term.

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(Login jonhings)

Thank you

November 30 2017, 6:59 PM 

Thank you for your time and thoughts all. Yes, I think, if its all about the hands, I can just replace them and its all good, IF they aren't real. I'm thinking of getting Bob Ridley to take a look at it for final piece of mind. FYI its a Gilt tropical 1016 from 1967. So I think some light cream tritium hands would do the trick. I've seen some for a few hundred dollars around so not the end of the world.

Thanks again all.

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(Login GMTKiwi)
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Strangely enough .....

November 30 2017, 9:00 PM 

A set of hands for a mid 60s' gilt 1016 won't come cheap and you may need to stand in line to get some.

I'm thinking 1016 hands are unique to that reference, the hour hand (probably) and the minute hand (possibly) being longer than that used on Submariners. And some data suggests the sweep hand has a longer mounting pin (like the 1680 / 1665 hand set perhaps ?). And if Rolex were still using the flat hands in 1967, your task gets more difficult. I'd guess about $2500 + now for a correct, goodcondition gilt 1016 hand set.

So Jon, you may have hands that are the wrong length, the wrong profile and the wrong metal. You may want to research more before closing the door on any option for compensation from the seller.

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