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EU Court Ruling gives Rolex the means to block Ebay

December 7 2017 at 12:54 AM
Robbe1675  (Login Robbe1675)
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With the recent EU Court Ruling, in which some German cosmetics brand opened a case against Amazon to stop their products being sold there by resellers, it is likely there are big changes awaiting for collectors and resellers of luxury brands.
In a Dutch newspaper the Rolex brand was mentioned as one of the brands that would be very happy with this ruling, to stop their products being sold on Ebay.
If that is true, and Ebay has no other choice than to block Rolex sales, wouldn't that be a major blow in the face for collectors (and sellers)??

You are allowed to buy the product, but when you want to sell it again the brand takes away the best opportunity to reach a large audience.
That would certainly harm values of used and vintage enormously.
Once you bought, you can only sell to the circle of people you know. A forum such as this is suddenly extra interesting. Until the brands forbid it as well...

I know for a fact that for instance Porsche in the past has gone on a crusade against websites using their name in their URL. So even Porsche indie specialists can no longer use Porsche in their url.
That is rather old news, but shows how brands take a court ruling to get into action.
Is the vintagerolexforum name sanctioned by Rolex? Or is it possible we go down the same path in the end as Porsche specialists?
Is the non-commercial set up of the forum the fact that protects it?

Anybody any opinions on this?

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(Login bruzelle)
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This Ruling concerns commercial distribution...

December 7 2017, 2:40 AM 

...by a reseller, which is regulated by the producer. It does of course not concern a privat owner selling his watch on eBay.

I don't know what your Dutch paper exactly wrote about Rolex but yes, as the whole grey market is not in accordance with the Rolex distributors contracts, Rolex can ask sites like eBay to block the sale of new grey market watches.

Nothing to do with vintage Rolex at all.

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(Premier Login fantastictime)
VRF Managing Director

Non Commercial...

December 7 2017, 3:44 AM 

Yes. Rolex allows us to use their name in the URL for that reason.
They do not sanction or approve anything only allow.
After a few years we get another solicitors letter to stop us using it and then we declare our non commercial nature with them again and we are allowed to continue until the next time.

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Lunette Verde
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+1 Thx for the info

December 7 2017, 3:55 AM 


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(Login Robbe1675)
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Good to hear

December 7 2017, 10:47 AM 

as the paper was not at all clear about the ins and outs of the ruling, and, as papers often do, exaggerated it seems.

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