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FS: the new book "Watches with History / History1" (pre-order)

April 16 2012 at 12:49 PM

Ralf Ehlers  (Login Keller3646)
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Vintage Panerai "Watches with History / History1".

Our new book documents the stories of three german "Kampfschwimmer" units, their training in Italy and northern Germany, their missions at the eastern front in the last weeks of the 2nd world war, followed by the story of the commander of the italian submarine "Ambra" who delivered SLC and Gamma units to their target zones at the harbours of northern Africa. These four personal stories are building the columns of moving chapters together with detailed views on their watches, using latest extracts of the authors database of today existing vintage Panerai watches.

Almost two years of intensive research, diary extracts, interviews with the veterans, combined with more than 250 historical photos, maps, documents from allied secret services and 30 illustrations are writing Panerais unique history.

Format: 26 x 26 cm, 420 pages, trilingual (= german, italian and english language in one book), hardback jacket, slipcase.

Some preview photos of the book below. It has the same large format as "The References", 26 x 26 cm.
The hardcover is made of grey canvas and brown leather, a hommage to the historical boxes and packages of Panerai products.

[linked image]

Text elements are embossed black, an IAC/Pirelli Mod. 49 diving mask (used by Italian and german frogmen units) is "blind embossed" on the frontcover.

[linked image]

The backside holds our website, also embossed black.

[linked image]

The book has a weight of 2.8 kilos plus the slipcase which will be made of grey canvas matching the cover.

[linked image]

FAQ: How "thick" are 420 pages? There you go: comparing 228 ("Watches with History" 2007), 368 ("The References" 2009) and 420 pages ("History1" 2012)

[linked image]

Comparing the 2007 edition of our book "Watches with History" (sold out) with the new 2012 edition "History1":

[linked image]

You can find an introduction of all four chapters at our website, using the tag "history1".

The book can be pre-ordered and will be ready for shipping in may 2012.

Price is 189,- Euro plus shipping fees.
(Germany 7,00 Euro. Europe 13,00 Euro. U.S. / Asia / Overseas / worldwide 23,00 Euro)

Volker & Ralf

[linked image]

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