Welcome to the Vintage Rolex Market.  By using this Sales Forum you agree to comply with all of our Terms of Use.  Among other things, this means that: 
  1. You acknowledge that we do not guarantee the quality of any seller, buyer or goods and do not conduct any due diligence or other investigation.  You are responsible for your own diligence.
  2. You may not post links or references to items you are offering for sale in the Sales Forum on other web sites. 
  3. You  may not post links to or URLs for dealer web sites, or any site offering fake or copy goods.
  4. You acknowledge that use of the Sales Forum does not create any agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relationship between us and you.
  5. You may not post praise for, criticism of, or inquiries about a dealer without disclosing any relationship to the dealer or a competitor, or the fact that value was given or received in exchange for or to motivate the post.  
  6. Pictures of the actual item for sale must be included in your listing.
  7. Price and currency must be shown.
  8. Your return policy must be stated and adhered to.
  9. Regular sellers must show picture of serial number on case.
  10. Items must be described accurately and superlatives used must be correct. NOS, Mint etc.
  11. No open, loose or blank Rolex/Tudor papers.
  12. No fakes of any kind, loose aftermarket parts or refinished dials. Re-dials are allowed when sold in a watch, but they are not permitted to be sold loose.
  13. No New, NIB, Grey, Never Worn or used watches from current catalogue. NOS Vintage are welcome.
  14. You may not delete descriptions or prices from your ads once posted whether the item sells or not. Pictures must be left intact in your listing for a minimum duration of 15 days. 
  15. VRF staff reserve the right to correct technical inaccuracies or non-disclosures in advertisements.  In case of a dispute over this, we reserve the right at our discretion to open a separate discussion thread on the item in dispute on the main forum.
  16. No contact info is allowed in WTB ads.  See here.
  17. A maximum of three ads per day per user.
  18. Your log in and email address or any Signature must not contain your company/trading name and/or links. No social media account self promotion please.
VRF Membership is a social designation.  It in no way implies the VRF has vetted a seller or approves of a seller.  Always use due diligence prior to completing a transaction. 


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