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gotta laugh

April 10 2011 at 11:26 AM
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Response to Re: Keep the faith

because obviously that is low stim...and not the go-to normal "mantra" for Davis. How many follies did she make and/or embies transferred?? Are they fraternal or identical twins?

Are you on baby aspirin now? Please be sure to discuss this with either a nurse or Spandy right away. I did the baby aspirin thing but Davis ONLY allowed me to take it in the LP. and Check was also adamant about not taking it in the stim portion of cycling. Spandy may say "no prob" but IMO it's important that he know you are on it prior to undergoing retrieval.

And you are really putting me on the hot seat huh wink.gif. I did take CoQ10 and Ubiquinol in large doses, amongst a slew of other supplements. Even after suffering through gobs of disgusting Royal Jelly paste (before I switched to pill form) and then stopping after a few months, I still continued the CoQ10/Ubiquinol. All I can say is what I said to another gal on here recently. I can't make a direct connection but what I saw was that my AFC went down and I had zero improvement in egg quality...assuming you are defining egg quality by day 3 embie status. If you want to focus on egg quality alone and make an assumption that the Ubiquinol would/should's what it got me after months of continuous (and expensive!) usage.

My last Cornell retrieval
11 cell, 5 cell, 4 cell

My last Cooper retrieval (this one was the cycle immediately preceeding my natural BFP)
11 cell, 4 cell, 3 cell

As Dr. Schattman at Cornell put it to me..."the embies are too fast and too slow".

I have no reason to think that my natural BFP evolved into some gorgeous 8 cell embie BUT after our exchange last night...I got to thinking, maybe co-culture could have made a difference. Since I can only assume that I produce crappy embies based on my retrieval results...maybe the fact that the conception took place naturally inside me really did help?? I do know that when my DH and I met with Cooper nurse Marie to thank her for her help in my natural BFP, she mentioned that sometimes the IVF cycle process can disturb the uterine environment and maybe for me that was the case???

Anyway, by the time I was moving on to DE, I had stopped all supplements altogether except I started two: Vitamin D and B12 shots. I knew I had low levels of Vit D based on my Nov. 2009 physical. At the time the dr. recommended I take a supplement and I did but for whatever reason I was never really good about being consistent with this one supplement. Go figure! I would suffer through that Royal Jelly crap, gagging, and yet I was haphazard about Vit D. I guess in my mind I thought that somehow I was compensating with natural sun exposure? I don't know. But the bottom line is that when I went for my 2010 physical in November, my Vit D levels were even lower than the prior year. That's when I got VERY serious about the supplement and I ran out to CVS and bought Nature Made Vit D and started 2,000 units per day. I realized this was very important for my health, regardless of TTC. Especially given that my mom's Vit D levels are basically zero and she has to take prescription Vit D medication. Then the other thing I did was take B12 shots. My DH suffers from bad allergies and as a result, fatigue, and he's always taken B12 shots. B12 is important for cell energy and cell division and I reasoned that given that I had poor division with my embies that maybe B12 shots could help with that?? I am no science head, but that was my reasoning. And since I knew that there was no harm in taking the shots I felt comfortable to proceed.

As for your $$$, that's right damn it! It is YOUR money. However you earned it or came across it makes no's YOURS and you deserve to make sure it's being spent properly on the folks you hire to help you get a take home baby. So who cares what they think. Just know that Avery is very nice and I'm sure she will help you out as much as she possibly can in re-scheduling.

I'm also sorry you are feeling stuck in a bad place. This crap can suck the living daylights out of anyone. But you are trying your absolute best. There's nothing more you can do than try. And are you able to come up with a back-up plan? Maybe of DP's sperm is MIA on day of ER you can have back-up DS available? Is that an option?

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