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Check Chick, not having luck with estradiol protocol, frustrated.(M/C ment, PG ment)

June 13 2011 at 6:39 PM
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Hi there-I've lurked on this board a long time but this is my first post.

I've been dealing with high FSH for 5 years and I'm 40. No MF issues. I've done Femara and some IUIs but no IVF or injectables. Had one blighted ovum and several chem PG.

In January(day before 40th birthday) I traveled down from Maine to Cooper in NJ and had a consult with Dr. Check. He felt we didn't HAVE to do IVF (although odds would be improved) or DE. I had already ovulated when I saw him, so no luck that cycle. Second cycle started estradiol, FSH was 6.8, estradiol went up to 197, and ovulation was confirmed by ultrasound. BFN. Next cycle went incredibly long with no ovulation, had to take Provera. I am now CD 44 on my 3rd Check cycle, and today's BW showed estradiol STILL less than 20. I had been on every other day for the last week to see if my estradiol would come up. Today I was instructed to start Provera, go back to estradiol every day, and have BW and US day 2 or 3.

I read the other recent Check estradiol thread, and my question is this: Has anyone had success with this protocol? Even after a few months of no activity? Or is it time for me to ask them to try something else? I am self-pay, and every time I get bloodwork run it's $257, and ultrasounds are $240. Help ladies, I'm at my wit's end!

On a happier note, someone I work with had a friend in NYC who was TTC for 10 years. My coworker told her about Dr. Check, she went right after I did, and is now PG. Now I would like my turn!!


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