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You can get a corpus luteum with IVF.

June 15 2011 at 9:36 AM
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Response to K, if you are still there..


It really varies. When they aspirate the follicles, sometimes they form back into the CL like they would if they popped on their own. But sometimes they don't. That is why giving P4 is standard for IVF. (And of course, Dr. Check like to give it as insurance with most cycles, even natural.)

So, I think you likely had at least one normally formed CL or maybe three not as well formed as normal.

I know progesterone suppositories can show up in b/w since I've taken it in the past without ovulating and it did. But I don't know about Crinone. I'm assuming what Mrs. A was told was accurate, but I've learned that occasionally we don't fit the "norm". So, there is always the slight possibility that a little of the Crinone showed up for you, but I'd tend to think that it was all from your own body.

Your lining looked great, so your uterus was definitely responding to your P4 and the crinone. Honestly, I think Cooper is just very conservative, but I'd rather have it that way than have a clinic that just sent you home for two weeks after transfer until your beta. (And there are some that do that.)

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  1. this is true - Mrs. A on Jun 15, 12:17 PM
    1. Glad to get your experience with the Crinone. - KarenGH on Jun 15, 2:12 PM
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