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OK, lowering FSH.... (mc, mentioned above and mc, pg & de below)

October 20 2011 at 6:49 AM
Sara H  (no login)

Response to Re: agree with above and...

As for your Dr.: Just because we haven't heard of him doesn't mean he's not perfect for you! There is no one on the board from your area, he could be the best Dr. in the county, for all we know, and he is will to work with you so that's a win! If you like him and he is helping you then that is perfect!

BUT: on the matter of lowering FSH:
I don't say this often but your Dr. is wrong about this. You certainly can lower FSH.
How do I know? Mine came down from two steady years of being in the high 20's and at one point over 50 to, now between 3-6 for 4 months solid. Not 'someone I heard of' or some 'friend of a freind' but me! happy.gif

Now, he might well mean he doesn't think lowering it will do any good. I can't fault him for that, most Dr.s feel that way becasue that is what they were taught. My dr. DOES think it makes all the difference to lower it... but on the other hand I have never had a BFP, either, so who knows! What I do know is that he lowered my FSH and stopped me from premature menopause, which in itself is a huge win for me!

OK, you mentioned "I do have a feeling the eggs I was producing when I got pregnant twice last year may not have been good quality either...hence the m/c. Plus both times there was nothing in my uterus."

So, they were in the tubes? If I may ask, and I am so sorry, were how far along were you? Did you have any testing done? If not it could be the placement, not the eggs. If they are not in the right spot they can't grow and that has nothing to do with quality! The fact that you had two PGs is a great sign!

I know you are feeling down, I totally get that! But, if you chose to you can keep trying and see what happens. I also totally understand wanting a child by a certain age. If that is part of your plan and donor egg is possible for you then go for it! happy.gif It's a great option!

Google "ethinyl estradiol", that is the drug that lowered my FSH
Just to be clear, I seem to be the poster child of the best response to this. It does not work for everyone. Some ladies even get a rebound after they take it and stop and their FSH jumps. But then it usually comes back. For me I only took two sets of it 5 months ago and my FSH has stayed low ever since. Again, my response is ideal but not typical and I still haven't gotten a BFP.

Here is some other good reading that might help: (yes, it's Wiki, but it is very well sited and well written.)
Here is a good bit about why to lower FSH: (Don't worry about the IVF part, just read though)

And if you Google: "Ethinyl estradiol, Dr. Check, lower FSH" : you can find some of his (hard to read if your not a dr) articles on this same subject. I don't know how open your Dr. might be to this approach but what if you found bunch of these articles and asked if you could try this approach as an experiment?

It can't hurt to lower the FSH number, it may help, and it might be worth a try.

Hugs to you and hang in there, I know this is overwhelming but you can do it! You know what your goal is, to have a child, so you just have to find the right path for YOU! I am not saying this is it, I just want you to have the info!

I hope this helps!
Sara H

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