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I had my IVF consult with Dr. Cohen yesterday (long and DD ment))

October 21 2011 at 2:00 PM
AJ  (no login)

and I really like her. She started off by asking me why I made the appt. I explained that I made my initial consult with Dr. Check with the intention of pursuing IVF but that based on my history he suggested doing monitored cycles first. I told her that over the course of the cycles they monitored that the cycles were inconsistent and that I was worried that my FSH was getting too high and that quite frankly, with the amount of money I was paying for these cycles I wanted to be more aggressive. She completely agreed and feels like it is time to move on. Things in my favor are: Even on my really high FSH cycles I still produced a follicle on my own and my age (I'm 38 and have never had a Dr. tell me time was on my side, LOL). I knew that Cooper does low-dose, but I was surprised at how low she suggested we go. They feel like with someone like me it's best to get as close to natural as possible with the drugs, with 1-2 mature eggs being the goal to protect egg quality. A couple of options, if they can get my FSH down to below 10, take Clomid every other day and maybe Menopur if a boost is needed, or take a low dose of Menopur. I guess in both options I would take cetrotide too.

I asked her about doing multiple cycles to stockpile embryos and she said that's an option, but a fresh transfer is better as some embryos don't survive the thaw. I'm not sure how I feel about transferring one embryo though. But at this point maybe I should feel lucky if I even have 1 to transfer??? So DH and I need to sit down and go over a few things, like, how many cycles are we willing to do, will we transfer just one or try to get more...

And then there's the monitoring and travel. I didn't realize until now how much cheaper it is to do monitoring in Cooper's office! I've paid about $600 per visit for full bloods and u/s locally. Those of you who live close enough to do it in the office are lucky:) So we need to think about if it would be better for me to go out and stay in like a Residence Inn with DD for a few days and do monitoring there. If we did that it would also be easier to buy a plane ticket rather than waiting until the last minute before ER. Honestly I have no idea how the whole travel thing works so if any of you have any tips or suggestions I'd love to hear them.

And finally she asked what CD I was on and I told her CD 4. She said that worked out great if I wanted to start BCP's on CD 5 to try to get my FSH down this cycle. She also suggested taking Estinyl after the last BCP until I get my CD 3 baseline. If the FSH is down we can get started or stay on it until it gets down. So I'm officially getting the ball rolling! Really scared though about investing all this $$ in a cycle with maybe 2 eggs. I think we'll just have to play it by ear. If I do make it to ER and the egg is total crap we might rethink doing multiple cycles. At this point I just need some closure one way or the other. And if doing IVF makes me realize that it's just not going to work then I'm ok with that.

Sorry that was so long! But I thought I'd go over everything since there are others considering Cooper for IVF, even though our cases might be different. Any input or thoughts are welcome too! happy.gif

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