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My experience with RE today! (Long post)

December 5 2011 at 2:33 PM
Anonymous  (Login wishing4baby)

Response to Teresa, how did it go???

Thanks for asking Sarah...and I apologize in advance that this is long! so I went and was brought right in to meet Dr Hershlag. He was very warm and friendly. He went over my history with me..when was lap, when was FSH done..the miscarriages...why didnt anyone send me here sooner..I told him I made the choice to come here on my own- didnt want to wait anymore. He told me off the bat...IVF with some other procedure..may have been something starting with a P? (I was so nervous I didnt write down the name of this procedure...and Im pissed that my husband didnt either because I told him in advance to friggin take notes!!!!!!!!!) but a test on the embryos they do to make sure they are healthy before IVF I think as soon as he said IVF I shut down. Because I was hoping that he would have recommended drugs or IUI first. We cant afford IVF and I'm devastated. Maybe if I sell my car and the contents of my house and the little jewlery I have we could afford it...which I would consider doing if we need to. I would. He examined me, looked at my ovaries and said they look good. He ordered blood for DH (which he had today) and an SA, which he will have Thursday. Also, for me, day 3 blood work...he is going to do genetic testing and run the full gammet...and, he wants me to have a hysterogram which I have to schedule the first day of my period which should be on or around December 16th. He told me with my age being 39, I have to be aggressive. He said he never prescribes injectible drugs to women...which I didnt understand because on other boards, I have seen women with DOR/High FSH do Femara+gonalF+ovidrel+ Timed Intercourse+prometrium....I know everyones case is different but now all I feel is defeated and that IVF is it or no baby. I asked about IUI but he said the chances with IUI for me are 10%? Im still going to do acupuncture. We cant try next month either because of this damn we cant try for a baby naturally again until the end of January! so now Im upset that we will be wasting 2 months and really, we only tried to conceive 2x since losing the baby in August. Im very confused...not really sure what to think. Do we jump into IVF or try naturally. I did get pregnant but he said "yes but look you miscarried, the eggs may not have been good quality" In my mind now, Im afraid if I did get pregnant naturally, I may have another miss. Which I know could be the case with IVF or anything else. We meet with him again January go over results..I wish IVF was not so expensive. I feel overwhelmed right now. Thanks for reading this.

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