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December 6 2011 at 2:03 PM
jkl  (no login)

Response to Re: DE mentioned success mentioned


Don't do PGD, it's not worth risking precious embryos on it. It concerns me that your RE suggested it actually.

I responded above but in case you didn't see it:

Just to address some of your questions, not sure if they were answered above:

IVF is helpful even if you get pregnant naturally because it increases the number of eggs and will therefore increase your chances of getting a good one (assuming you have an egg problem, which of course, is hard to figure out). Along those lines though, IUIs are also helpful because they will also increase the number of eggs, although usually they won't stim you have aggressively as with IVF, so you may have less eggs (but with high FSH, this become less of an issue because often you are not producing many eggs, high stim or low stim)

On the other hand, IVF does have a higher success rate in general for those under 40. So that is why you should give it some serious thought, because if you are going to do IVF, it is best to do it now. Lots of people try other things for awhile, then get desperate and start trying IVF in their 40s, when it is very very difficult and doesn't yield many successes (although plenty get pregnant naturally). Just so you're not looking back and wishing you had tried it sooner.

Overall if I were you and money is a big issue I would do maybe 6 months of stims+IUIs if you have coverage--since you get pregnant naturally I think you still have a good shot going this route. And then quickly move to IVF if you don't have success. The benefit of this type of approach is that you will see how you stim and also you may get lucky. Also, you don't actually have to do the IUI part (just the stim part) if that saves money because I don't think that ups your chances much if you already get preg naturally.

Also, do the HSG if you haven't already--that often improves you chance at pregnany for unknown reasons. I got preg both times I had an HSG, the second time stuck and I now have my 15 mo old from that cycle--you can do it on an stim+IUI cycle. GL, jkl

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