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Re: here's what I would do

December 14 2011 at 12:29 PM
teresa  (Login wishing4baby)

Response to here's what I would do


Doing IUI makes sense before IVF. Thanks for explaining why we should think about trying that first.

Of course I keep hoping we will get pregnant without having to go to IVF, and I say this only because of the money. Its stressing me out BEYOND comprehension knowing we can afford ONE cycle of IVF..and if one more person tells me I have to stay CALM. GRRRR!!!

The only thing that still confuses me is high stim vs low stim. Do they tend to start you out on low stims first? How do they decide high vs low?

Sometimes I worry that they want to take your money so they dont do what it takes to get you PG on the first I just paranoid or could this be the case? (Im probably paranoid lately it feels like everyone just wants to take our money)

We are covered for drugs..we will pay up to 1,000 out of pocket and then they will be covered, this is what I was told the other day, but they have to come from a pharmacy that specializes in fertility meds and they mail them to our house.

Thank you for helping me out as Im struggling with making this decision, but I am leaning towards trying IUI for one or 2 cycles...hoping that having the HCG will be helpful too!!


would do 2-3 IUIs and then move on to IVF.

Here are the reasons:

1. You will see how you stim. You don't want to do IVF right off the bat because you may need to fool around with your protocol. For example if you do IVF right away and get 2 mature follicles, you won't know if you can get more. The other way to do it is to talk to your RE and say you want to to 6 stimmed cycles and if you get 4 or more follicles on one those cycles then you will go for IVF. Since you are only doing one cycle you want to make sure it's your best one. I did 3 IVFs, one I got 7 eggs (high stim, no success), one I got 4 eggs (low stim success), and one I got 1 egg (low stim, no success), so it really can be very different.

2. You have enhanced fertility up to 3 months after the HSG, so you can take advantage of it and do the IUIs. I think there's a very good chance you will get preggo and not have to move to IVF.

Good luck!

Question: you have coverage for IUI right but do you have any drug coverage? I had drug coverage for IUI but not IVF so I stockpiled my drugs from IUI and used them for IVF. Also, they prescribed high stims for me but I really only did low stims so the drugs lasted a lot longer.


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  1. Such a good point! - Sara H on Dec 14, 2011, 3:40 PM
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