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On the 12th day of Christmas My DH gave to me, a very clear BFP! (SUCCESS MENT!)

December 21 2011 at 6:58 AM
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Well, actually it's been 8 positive POAS and one very good beta! I wanted to really be sure before I said anything here! I felt we needed some positive energy on the board for the Holidays!

YES! TIDINGS OF COMFORT AND CHEER! And super happy news! happy.gif

So, here's the story:

We started trying three years ago, was 34 years old, realized there was a problem, went to an RE, got booted from the RE for an FSH of 34, all other tests good. Found new RE, they did not believe that lowering FSH had any point. Had a failed IVF with on follicle, one egg that made it to a grade 'b 6 cell' but never became a pregnancy. Found this board! Ran out of insurance so did a few cycles on our own. Was convinced to see Dr. Check as a last option. Starting FSH with Cooper of 57! Got the FSH down to normal, had some good cycles but never a positive... ever. Did 7 cycles with Check, which was our personal limit when we started. Was asked about IVF and qualified for a study. Next FSH was elevated so I was knocked out of the study. Seriously was considering paying ourselves for an IVF round as our last-last-last try but thought I should try doing a min. stim cycle to see how I responded first, rather than risk another one follicle IVF... plus, so many people have had success the cycle before their IVF, I just had to try one. (No data on that, just a few stories, but felt I should try) Was totally convinced at this point that I could not get PG naturally, since I had so many "good" cycles, was convinced my eggs needed Dr. help to get PG.
Had also signed up for Donor Embryos so had that option as well and was thrilled!

But, one more cycle to try before that!

This cycle: Starting FSH: 14, E2 20, LH: 4
Low stims: day 10, FSH: 18, E2:138 LH: 2 Lining: 9, three follicles, R:10.6, L: 14.6, 11
Low stims: day 13, FSH: 17, E2:472 LH: 6 Lining:15, three follicles, R:Gone, L: 19.7, 15
Low stims: day 14, FSH: 19, E2:138 LH: 9 Lining:12, three follicles, R: No, L: 23, 18, 13!
(The lining, I was told, did not really drop, it just reads differently sometimes.

Trigger day 14.

And, there was LOTS of BD, 5 times over 6 days... My poor DH gave it his all! wink.gif Love that man, taking one for the team, doing his duty! Yip, that's dedication. Hehehehehe!
Yes, we used "Preseed"! Love it! Took p4 and e2 support.

Waited until day 13 to test, got strong positive on the 'First Response' test, got a weaker positive on the internet cheapies, but still positive... something I had NEVER seen before! Ever! Wheeee!

Called Cooper and got a not very positive response and worry that it was 'still the trigger' in my system... which I really doubted since that had never happened before and I trigger with Lupron and a HALF dose of HCG, so it would be weird to still be there. Anyway, I was asked to wait 4 days to get my beta... LONG 4 DAYS! Went for the beta, had a delivery issues, did not get the results to Copper until the next day. Ugg!
But, results are in and all looks really good! happy.gif
(Beta- 252, P4 57, E2 343)
New blood test today.


So, from the start I was a written off case, a "No way-er" with an FSH at its height of 57! A 5% chance, if that. A woman that gets booted from clinics! Until Cooper and Dr. Check!

And yet, with time, a ton of work, more long drives to Cooper than anyone should ever make, amazing help from my e-mail ANGELS (they know who they are!) and my e-mail Fairy Godmother Angel (she knows shoe she is!) and a very positive attitude HERE I AM! BFP!
B. F. freak'en P.!

Guess who it is yet????


Yeah, SARA H!

Thank you all for your love, help and support!
I pray each one of you has this moment, too! SOON!

If it can happen for me... happy.gif
Great love to all and please keep our little bean in your thoughts and prayers!

Sara H
currently 4 weeks and 5 days PG!
And OFFICIALLY A Check Chic!

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