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"navigating cooper"

January 22 2012 at 4:37 PM
teresa  (no login)


i hope everyone had a good weekend :0)

i was just on some of the other boards reading old posts. a few oldies came up with suggestions about asking the ladies on the board for tips on 'navigating cooper' because it can be 'very overwhelming'

i've read/am prepared about/for the first visit there and that it will be a very interesting experience...but is there anything else i should know? some of these older posts i've read were many years old and spoke about the nurses/staff being really bad at returning calls, that i'll probably never speak to dr c. heck again after initial, any tips anyone has would be great. (I am focusing on ALL the success stories vs the pet peeves about this clinic btw)

appointment is next week. wanted to point out too that it's late in the day...(i hope that's not a bad thing that it's so late in the day, meaning i'm hoping we won't be rushed out. i felt like this was the case with my last RE whose staff accidentally booked our IVF consult and someones ultrasound at the same time and DH and i werent 'allowed' to ask any questions or take notes about doing ivf because RE was rushing to give us the 411 and move on to other patient)

appreciate any tips..advice..anything. thank you!

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