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Hello and welcome! (pg mentioned)

January 23 2012 at 7:11 AM
Sara H  (no login)

Response to Thoughts on my latest RE consultation

OK, first. Breath! Sounds silly but honestly, it helps! happy.gif

Second, my numbers were close to yours but my FSH was higher and I am currently 9 weeks pg with my own egg on a "natural" cycle (so no IUI or IVF)

Third, your Dr. might be a great person but really does not seem to know or understand about FHS at all! He is telling you these things because that is his experiences and his success rates... you need to get with someone much better! happy.gif

I think the best way to look at it is this:
FSH is like volume on a radio. Your ovaries are not hearing well at the moment. So, your body is turning up the "make more eggs!" music really loudly. Once the radio is on full volume you can add as much noise to the room as you like, you won't hear it. So, your ovaries are full of FSH 'volume' right now and that is all they can hear. If you add drugs right now they won't "hear" it, since the drugs will be saying the same thing to the ovaries, which is "make more eggs!". Does that make sense? The FSH "volume" is not hurting the ovaries but, like any of us, they could use a bit of quite before they want to "hear" anything else. That is why bring down FSH is so important.

How long have you been trying and were you on birth control? BC pills can really mess with you. (I was on for years and I think, personally, that was a big factor, though it is really hard to tell. It could be a million things!) It takes a while to kick that stuff out of your system... Are you getting regular cycles?

Lots of Dr. believe the FHS myth... 'you are only as good as your worst reading' and so on. They were taught that in school and have no reason to doubt it. (I believe there was one rather faulty studies int eh early 80's that is still talked about in schools today.) But, there are dr.s who know better, it is best to find on of them. Where you are in the county makes it a bit tricky but there are Dr. you can go see and then they will follow your case from afar, it's called "out of town monitoring". It is a bother but totally worth it to work with someone who knows how to get you PG.

Also, do a search for "hormonal imbalance insurance" on this site and you will see posts about treating the hormonal imbalance FIRST, which should not come out of your infertility money and then switching to an infertility diagnosis once you are trying to get PG. This way you can get the FSH down first so that if you need IVF it will be covered.

Hang in there, it is a harder road but possible for many! happy.gif
Sara H

I think you may have already seen this but here is the "welcome" post. It has some hopefully helpful info. When you have a moment to give it a good read!


I was 'new' here in September of '10 and put together some hints, beyond the guild lines listed on the main page, that I think are helpful! Probably stuff you know but I hope it helps!

Sara H.

1) Use the "Search" on this site when you have a question (remember to push "date" so they are in order, recent to last, since you can sometimes get answers from 10 years ago!) Often I have my questions answered right there with no need to post!

2) We use a LOT of acronyms here that are hard to get your head around sometimes if you are new to it! Here are 2 sources: ( I have them book marked on my computer and I still use when I have questions!)

3) You will notice in some posts that people are very careful to say in the message title when things involving children and pregnancy are mentioned. So, if at some point you are mentioning pregnancy (hopefully someday yours!) or whatever just put your topic and (PG mentioned) in the title, if you have a child and mention that please put (Child mentioned) so if someone is having a bad day and knows they just can't read about it today they are forewarned! Other "disclaimers" include (DE Mentioned) for donor egg, (Adopt Mentioned) for adoption, (M/C Mentioned) for miscarriage or (TMI!) when something is graphic or very very personal! Basically, anything that someone might rather be warned about before reading. Although we all share one thing in common, we all come from varied backgrounds so we try to be sensitive to that as much as possible.

4) We tend to be a more fact-based board so sometimes it's not all rainbows and hopeful news. We are totally supportive but also more factual/scientific than a lot of other boards. But, there is a LOT of knowledge here that can be so very helpful! Just remember, we are only speaking from our own experience and not giving medical advice. You know the old adage: You get what you paid for! Each person is very different, what works for one may well not, work for another, but it can be very helpful to get you on the right track.

5) When you need inspiration go peek at the "Pregnant...." board! You can cruise over to check on "friends" who have made it there or when you are feeling down... it's rather joyful to see ladies who have found success!

Good luck!

PS- On a note of person advice: I know it's very hard but try not to let yourself start down a path of "Why me?" We have all been there, absolutely! but if you start instead by saying, "OK, what am I going to do?" and try not to let the "why me?" get going you will find your path much much easier. There is no reason "why" any of us. This is cruddy and crappy and utterly unfair, all of it! But, it is also survivable, do-able and win-able! Just be open to many paths to being a parent and may the path you chose be easy! If you are able to work hard to keep a positive attitude it really helps!

As for me I did find success, as many of us have, after a long road! I strongly believe that being positive helped... if not in helping me get PG then in helping me stay sane, kind and happily married though one of our toughest times! happy.gif

Sara H

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