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Re: I'm glad that tip was helpful! and...

February 17 2012 at 3:33 AM
teresa  (no login)

Response to I'm glad that tip was helpful! and...


I agree, he did sound very purposeful.

What you're saying makes sense.

My history-

This will be my first cycle of being monitored with b/w and u/s. I'm going for day 3 blood today and u/s as well (so embarrassed about this as I bleed HEAVY and never had the vag u/s during AF)

I've only used OPKs at the suggestion of my OB GYN. SHe told me to use the kit the same cycle that she tested my FSH and it came back 11.9. I DID get PG that cycle and miscarried. OPKs for me, they usually say + for 4-5 days. DH and I always start BD every other day starting day 7 then when we get the + we do 2x a day. Dr C heck didnt have DH's SA in hand. He barely looked at my records. Which sort of left a bad taste in my mouth because i DO have endometriosis, recurrent miscarriage and history of cysts (lets add now too, a fibroid) and these are thngs why coupled with my age- why I wonder if despite my history of getting PG, I should move to IVF.

As for my losses, they were all early, but I saw 3 heartbeats out of 4. With the first one, I didn't even know I was PG because I got a period, then I bled and wound up going to the ER myself after a massive hemhorrage and then they discovered I had a m/c. I was in a different relationship than I am now, and 27 years old. The last m/c this past summer, I never bled at all. I went into my D+C begging for one last ultrasound in hopes they made a mistake and could find a heartbeat. With that loss, we went in for 8 week 2 day U/S and this time there was no heartbeat. I was stunned, my betas were doubling, everything was perfect. I was under tremednous stress, my husband was attacked in our home, in front of me- and I wonder if this caused the loss. Because ironically, this happened on week 6 day 4 of the PG and when we went for the 8 week u/s, the dr said it was measuring 6 weeks 4 days. the same day of his attack. I will wonder all my life about that and if me being hysterical caused the loss.

He didnt discuss why he thought I had the losses...he kept saying about waiting to see if my estradiol was above 200 and if I released a mature you may be spot on with that. He also said "I think you need progesterone" but he didnt say why he thought that. AND- I feel bad to be wondering about this, but is this what he tells most women, that they need p4? Im not doubting he is great, but obviously I am worried about myself and the time ticking away. He also told me he thinks I have extra male hormone and I could have an ovulation disorder.

I'm praying this month being monitored will tell him more. He said he "thinks" I release an egg and he thinks I just need progesterone. He wrote this a few times in the letter. He did alot of "it could be" and then "but studies show not" stuff.

Thanks for reading this, I know it's long!!

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