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I am GOING NUTS, I'm lost and dont know what to do-

February 23 2012 at 4:43 AM
teresa  (no login)


I'm so sorry to be a HUGE PITA with this-

I've been up all night, the entire night, researching fibroids and I read more than not, to leave them alone. That more harm can come from removing. I went to all the boards on here and so many women were advised to leave them alone

I dont know what to do
Im seeing my regular OB-GYN today to see what she says. All I have are the pictures they took yesterday.

Again, going by what dr B rasile said, its 2cm in a 4 cm space on the top of the uterus causing compression and could cause a miss- cutting off babys blood supply or an early miss..

But why am I seeing so many say they were told to leave it alone and that so many people get PG with them?

Should I trust that what she says and have it removed.

**My obgyn is not an RE, but she says she does this surgery. I read to go to someone who REALLY knows what they're doing but since this Dr did my lap and D+C, I do trust her, we have a good relationship. She's not cocky either, when she couldnt find the babys heartbeat the second u/s, she even said "go have another person do an u/s just in case" So I know she would tell me if she didnt think she could do it.

This has thrown me over the edge. I feel like removing it will cause issues- scar tissue...can cause FSH to go up, there can be complications in the surgery resulting in a full hsyterectomy. And leaving it- could also be a problem.

Would you have it removed?

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