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update, loooong...

March 20 2012 at 7:31 AM
teresa  (no login)


went to c ooper yesterday, i did ask about the center closing. she wouldnt give me definite dates because she said they werent yet confirmed, but said they would be closing this spring for a few days, but the main part will still be open.

i did ask for the brochure about price increases, it says for blood/ultrasound packages and the prices are for self pay patients and those with little benefits. out of town monitoring also went up but to be honest my day there was so hectic between talking with dr b and i passed out after blood work- lol like i said, it was HECTIC- i will remember to ask the nurse when i speak to her later.

quickly, had a very good meeting with dr b. im going to explain this as best i can but it wont be as good as she explained it to me. (i told her my bladder was full and she didnt think it was the full bladder that made it look like the ute was being compressed).

her take is this: basically, when you get a saline sono and are awake, the dr is pushing saline into your uterine cavity with her own strength, not assisted by a machine. it takes alot of force and it depends on the comfort level of the patient. (i did NOT tolerate that procedure well at all, it was the most painful thing i ever went through in my life) She said, based on her doing it with me awake, in pain and pushing only as much saline as she humanly could into my ute, it appeared a fibroid was compressing my ute. NOW, she explained, I went into the hospital and had a hysteroscopy under anesthesia, my dr didnt find a fibroid (of course she didnt,we now know it was intramural and NO way of seeing that in a hysteroscopy), she did a saline sono with me under anesthesia. the DIFFERENCE as dr b explained yesterday is that the saline sono in a hospital setting where a patient is KO'ed, they use a pump to push the saline into the uterus and it goes in with much stronger greater force, with no pain to the patient, therefore, sort of blowing up the uterus and thus, no compression. (again im not good at re-wording what she said but it was pretty much this way that she explained it to me) she said this sometimes happens, not often, but sometimes.

she agreed 100% that my dr couldnt have done anything in that surgery and did everything right. she also agreed that this fibroid should NOT come out. she told me fibroid surgery is dangerous (well, for this kind, intramural fibroid) for someone trying to have a baby. she said the risk of scar tissue is MUCH worse for me than having this fibroid remain in me.

will i have to be so carefully monitored if i get PG? oh yes.
there is still the risk that i could have preterm labor but not likely, she thinks. she asked me about my miscarriages too and based on what i told her, she told me she highly doubts this fibroid was the cause for them. she said most misses with a fibroid happen either as a chemical or in the 2nd tri. for me, we'd seen the heartbeat a few times. she thinks my losses are chromosomal even though my testing came back all good, or just that my eggs are not fully mature.

she felt bad i had the hysteroscopy but we talked about that and im glad i had it, and she was too. now we know there is nothing in there, now we know that if i get pg i have this thing and can be even more carefully monitored and now we know my ute is pretty good shape, no scar tissue.

still going to see one more opinion today with a surgeon JUST to be sure, but now that is 3 drs who say leave it alone so im feeling pretty good about moving forward.

she also very strongly feels that by july i should move to IVF and not wait. thats also THREE drs telling me this now and im glad that they agreed with me. she spoke about my age and having endo and she feels its a good idea to do that sooner than later. she had me do some more bloods yesterday, i never had the clotting panel after all, she wanted to take a look at that. we were there for so long because i had to call the insurance company as she told me the tests she was ordering were 8 THOUSAND dollars and some insurance doesnt cover it. on the phone with them for an hour. UNREAL, but approved. then fainted from the blood taking and i dont know why, i think yesterday i was just super tired and this whole thing really has done me in, but i am okay today!

aslo had an u/s and found out i have 3 less than 6 on the right, 12 less than 6 on the left and she said one coming from the left at 12 mm and lining was 6mm. the vag u/s hurt yesterday i guess i am still sensitive.

trying to get monitored this cycle, going to try and call some IF centers here on LI because the radiology center by me when we called yesterday to get an appointment for wendesday, refused to get me in because they were "all booked" and its causing me alot of stress thats got to go away, they are appintment takers and dont understand the urgerncy to have my ovaries measured for timed intercourse to TTC. so wish me luck this week as i try to get bloods and u/s done.

also, the bills are now coming in for those ultrasounds and the blood work(55/ a pop for the ultrasounds, about 40 total for the quest bloods- we have co-insurance for these things, rats) and co-pays @ 40 a pop for every doctor add up....and out of town monitoring bills will be coming in and 100 copay for hsytero and anesthesiologist, also we have a deductible on our insurance and got a 600 bill from c ooper...its piling up so fast so i have to look at all of this and get things inorder, the out of town monitoring is not cheap...when i go to my regular obgyn for u/s i didnt have to pay 55- anyway, sorry im rambling. i need to find a way to make this affordable. thanks for reading this all!

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