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Oh Sadie, I'm sorry your Dr. sucks. (pg ment)

March 30 2012 at 12:11 PM
Laura  (no login)

Response to 35 yrs old 49.2 FSH on CD 89 RE said no future luck

I know this is hard, and it sucks to hear conflicting information to your Dr from a non-Dr, but your Dr. is just wrong. Here are the problems with what your RE did:

1. They took your FSH on a day other than CD3. Any GOOD re should know that the number simply doesn't matter if it's not a CD2-4 reading. Of course it's going to be very high if you didn't ovulate because your body is TRYING to ovulate. So this test was pointless and it did nothing other than scare you to death.

2. He told you there was no hope based on this one pointless test. Wrong. There is hope for you to get pg with OE. It may take some time and some work but you probably can. IF is a business, and RE's have medical training and licenses, but most are not really good for actual medical problems. Find an RE who is interested in helping you restore your cycles FIRST.

3. He gave you P (provera?) to make your AF come. Well, this will only work if you have a lining to speak of, which if you didn't ovulate, you probably didn't have. So all it does is scare you more that it's "not working".

Take a deep breath. Here's what happened to me:

I didn't get AF for 3 months. Had every menopausal symptom in the book. I saw an OB and she tested FSH and E2 (estradiol). It must have been CD90+, I wasn't counting. FSH was 70. She told me I was in menopause (at 29) and that she could try clomid, but it probably wouldn't work. I went for a second opinion. FSH was 35 (CD100-ish). She said the same thing. I went to an endocrinologist (I had 1 brief AF between the two) and he said, let's see if you get AF again and go to the lab on CD3. I did and my FSH was 10. He said "you're fine". I had 2 more AFs, lasting 18-35 days. I went to an RE and CD3 FSH was 20. He said, "well, I think you are not 'fine' but you are not in menopause bc your FSH is going up and down, and even tested in the normal range at one point. when you're in M, it just stays high." I did the following:

1. estradiol supplement, 1 mg, 1x daily for 2 weeks
2. Added b-complex vitamin 1x daily (12 h after taking prenatals).
3. Drank red raspberry leaf tea 2-3x daily

I ovulated, on time (CD15) and got pg that cycle. I miscarried, but it was due to a rare case of monoamniotic twinning, which my OB said is just really rare and most cases don't survive. she said it is not related to the hormonal problems I had before.

In your case I would find an RE who suggests something along the lines of estradiol supplementation to build your lining, followed by provera to bring on AF. THEN testing your CD3 FSH, LH, and E2. If E2 is low, then putting you back on estradiol for 2 weeks to see if you grow any follies. In my case, my E2 had dropped so low that my body couldn't support any growing follies, which sounds like it could be what you have since you had a few small follies that disappeared before ovulating.

So, good luck, and I hope this helps.

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