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Lost Soul...Am I a lost cause? Need Direction (DD & Secondary Infertility ment.)

April 24 2012 at 10:32 AM
SierraLately  (no login)

I have been lurking on these boards for over a year. I haven't posted mainly because I already have a DD and I did not want to seem insensitive to those who would do anything to have my problem.

My story:
I stopped BCP in Nov 2006 and did not have a period for 3 months. Then cycles resumed and on the 6th cycle we conceived DD who was born in 2008. I resumed BCP but stopped again in Mar 2010 to try for #2. It was shortly before my 34th birthday. Again, no period for 3 months then cycles resumed but they weren't regular. Some were short and I was skipping some months. Went to OB/GYN and had fertility work up. My day 3 numbers were:

E2 - 356
FSH - 6.9
LH - 8

On the day 13 ultrasound I had lots of follies but no dominant. I know now I had already ovulated by day 13 based on day 3 #'s and when my period arrived but at the time I was clueless and believed my doc who said everything was fine I just needed Clomid but I decided to cycle with an RE instead...just in case. Went to RE who gave me some explanation as to why E2 was high and wanted to try Clomid also. I had 2 "successful" cycles where I ovulated but no pregnancy and on the third cycle I had a cyst (now I think an early follie because I got my period on day 18. Started a third Clomid cycle. Went for my day 12 check and had a 24 mm follie. Waited three days with no positive OPK so I called RE who requested labs to see if I had ovulated. I hadn't. They called in Ovidrel and I took it on day 15. 7 days later checked P4 levels and I did not ovulate. RE couldn't give an explanation but wanted me to get day 3 levels checked again and try another Clomid cycle but at 100mg. The day 3 #'s were:

FSH - 29
LH- 21
E2- 83

I got the donor egg speech. I did not have a period for three months again then decided to try injectables with TI. This was a total disaster. They had me on Follistim 225 iu and by day 7 my E2 dropped to 30 and my follies were gone. I decided to just try at home and give up on treatments. I have had irregular cycles since then and haven't had a cycle for 2 months now, but recently I started getting hot flashes and night sweats so I have a feeling my E2 is really low and FSH is high. I have an appt with my OB/GYN to discuss HRT. I can't take the night sweats anymore. I just turned 36.

I want to try to conceive with my own eggs, but I don't know what to do. I don't understand why i have always had plenty of follicles yet have high FSH. Treatment locally seems pointless. If I was cycling regularly I would just keep trying but It feels so pointless with my irregular cycles and now menopausal symptoms. Should I consult with Dr Check (I am in Austin, TX)? Should I take HRT and hope for the best? I am really down about this even though I received my diagnosis over a year ago. I can't seem to move on or decide on a course of action. I just feel like giving up and moving on but I can't. I feel hopeless. What would you do in my situation? Any advice is appreciated.

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