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Dr. Gill (success mentioned/donor egg speech mentioned)

May 8 2012 at 7:32 AM
Houston  (no login)

Response to Need high fsh doctor in Texas

I completely agree with Jamie. Go to Dr. Gill. His practice is great. They are also very affordable in comparison to other docs of their same credentials. I also heard that Dr. Griffith is a great doctor from a nurse in Dr. Gill's practice. Dr. Griffith is also with Houston Fertility Institute. Dr. Gill would probably also be willing to consult with you over the phone if necessary so you don't have to travel all of the way here. I have found him to be very accessible.

I personally haven't cycled with Gill yet, other than an IUI. However, I have done lots of blood work, ultrasounds, etc. I also meet with him. I'm 35 with an FSH of 32. He didn't even flinch. He is willing to cycle me as much as I want. He also suggests the protocols that he thinks will be best for you, but is willing to go with a protocol that you like that you have read about somewhere else (for instance, I mentioned a low stim IVF and he said he would definetely try it if I would like). I think he is great. He is very understanding about high FSH b/c his own wife had high FSH. She ended up having two kids. He was honest with me and said I would have better success with donor eggs (like I think all docs probably should say just so I'm aware), however, he did not push me in that direction in the least.

I am cycling with Cornell first (Dr. Davis is supposed to be great with high FSH patients). I chose him first primarily because his lab closes when I would have needed to go to NY if I went with Dr. Gill first. Dr. Gill is doing my out of town monitoring. I did not respond the first attempt as planned. At first it was thought that I had two follicles, but one disappeared. Dr. Gill offered to let me do the retrieval in Houston. I think that is saying a lot b/c he knew I didn't have a great chance with only two follicles, but is still willing to take the chance on me so I didn't have to spend a ton of money going to NY. Even though this could negatively impact his statistics and I was cycling with another doctor at the time, he was willing to try just as long as my other doc did not care (he did not). I ended up having only one follicle, so did IUI instead, but I really appreciated the offer. Dr. Gill still has good stats at his clinic even though he treats the hardest patients (unlike Houston IVF who turned me away when my FSH was 18--their loss, I had success on my next cycle with CCRM).

Please don't use Houston IVF. They are horrific. There are some other post on this board from me if you want more information on why I dislike them so much. It is really just too long to retype.

If you want to travel, I like CCRM (although a lot of high FSH patients don't) and Cornell (Dr. Davis). CCRM is much easier to coordinate for out of town monitoring than Cornell. They also didn't turn me away with an FSH of 32. They gave me the donor egg speech, but they are still willing to cycle me despite having two failed attempts their recently. I think their lab is excellent. I used Dr. Surrey and really liked him. I think he is more high FSH friendly than Schoolcraft from what I have heard, although I don't personally know this to be true.

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