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that sounds right! (de mentioned)

June 20 2012 at 2:49 PM
Nancy  (no login)

Response to 30 vials for Dr. Braverman... what??

Hi! I saw your post the other day about Dr. B and meant to chime in, but my time online is limited these days and I mostly log in through my phone so its hard to typeI was going to tell you about how the insurance part works, which I assume you know already

At any rate, yes, they DO take that many vials. In fact, for my b/w it was about 70 (we counted each one too! but I think it was because I didnt use their kit for everything, I went to a local lab for some of it so their tubes were smaller)! Its not that bad, I dont know how you do with b/w in general, I am the type of person that likes to watch the whole time, I find it fascinating. But, if you dont like getting your blood drawn I can see why it might be difficult. I ended up doing it in multiple sessions, but it was because I had an insurance issue. The lab techs assured me that the amount drawn is LESS than if you donate blood, so you shouldnt have any issues.

Be warned, however, that Dr. B is booked out far (7-8 weeks) for the follow-up. I would call ASAP and get in the schedule. I fibbed a little about when I had my blood drawn (well not really, I just didnt mention I had to have it drawn 2 other times afterwards) because they wont book you until you get your blood drawn. I am pretty upset about this, because waiting will mean sitting out 2-3 cycles for us, which is what we have to do now and I feel like we have no time since I turn 40 in a few months. I dont know what he told you on the phone, he assured me Id have my results in time to start THIS cycle, but when I called hes booked out so far that well miss at least 2, if not 3 so it didnt matter if the results were readyon the positive side, I think its good to know if you have immune issues, especially for anyone who is thinking about DE or DEmbryo. I don't mean to be a downer, I just wanted to warn you so didn't have these expectations of getting in right away and then being let down.happy.gif

Good luck with the b/w, Id like to hear how it goes for you. I am sure you will do just fine! happy.gif


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