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Quick question (and a favor, pretty please?) for those who got free copies of my e-booklet

September 19 2012 at 3:32 PM
Kiwichick  (Login kiwichick145)

When I put this minibook up as a 48-hr freebie, we got 120 downloads from around the globe. I was stoked!

So, I'm curious - what did you think of it? Any suggestions?

If you liked it, can I ask you to do me a favor? Go to Amazon and write a review for it? The more positive reviews something has, the higher it comes up on searches under terms like IVF and fertility, and the more women/couples will be able to find it.

Pretty pretty please?? happy.gif

Oh, when you click the link you will see the booklet has a new title: "Must-Ask Questions for IVF Newbies: What to ask before you choose a clinic, start a cycle, or weigh different expert opinions [minibook]."

I ended up adding two brand new chapters, rewriting some of it to make it better, and putting my embie pics and more details into the My Story section. I have asked Amazon to send an email update to everyone who downloaded it, but they are painfully slow and this hasn't happened yet.

Can you please check your Manage My Kindle page and see if there's an Update Available button? If so, you can update with that. If not, you can email customer service and ask them to manually update it. [I am incredulous that the system is this inefficient, but there you go - if a lot of people ask they may send the update email sooner.]

And seriously, if anyone has suggestions or criticisms they'd rather not post here or on Amazon, you can either message me on Facebook or send me a comment via my website (links are below). I won't post my email here for the spambots, but I promise to answer if you contact me! happy.gif

Thanks so much!!


Kiwichick (old-timer and board grad)

ttc#1 2+ yrs (starting at age 36), FSH 19.6 dx at age 38.5, DD#1 conceived via IUI/Clomid at 38.7

ttc#2 2.4 years (starting at age 39.11);
FSHs 9.6 (4/05), 9.7 (6/05), 12.4 (10/05), 8.5 (1/06), 18.8 (2/06), 16.4 (4/06), 9.0 (7/06), 12.1 (10/06), 9.0 (4/07 w/E2V), 8.1 (5/07 w/E2V)
Two failed IUIs (Clomid)
IVF#1 (MDL, 300 Gonal F) cancelled, no response (July 2005, age 40.4)
Chemical pg on a break cycle (Aug 2005, age 40.5)
IVF#2 (antagonist, 450 Gonal F, ICSI) - 4 follies, 2 eggs, 2 embies, BFN (Nov 2005, age 40.8)
Chemical pg on a break cycle (Jan 2006, age 40.10)
Chemical pg on a break cycle (March 2006, age nearly 41)
IVF#3 (antagonist, 450 Gonal F + 75 Luveris, ICSI) - 6 follies, 6 eggs, 4 embies, 3 t/f, low level chemical pg/BFN (May 2006, age 41.2)
IVF#4 (antagonist, 450 Gonal F + 75 Luveris, ICSI) - 6 follies, 3 eggs, 3 embies, BFN (Aug 2006, age 41.5)
IVF#5 (antagonist, 450 Gonal F + 75 Luveris) - cancelled, one follie (Nov 2006, age 41.8)
Natural BFP in Feb 2007; m/c @ 7wks (age 41.11)
IVF#6 (low stim antagonist, 150 Gonal F + 75 Luveris, frozen sperm, no ICSI) - 2 follies, 2 eggs, 1 embie, BFN (Apr 2007, age 42.1)
IVF#7 (low stim antagonist, 150 Gonal F + 75 Luveris, with Dex, ICSI, June 2008, age 42.3) - 4 follies, 4 eggs, 4 embies t/f, BFP! happy.gif Twin girls born by C-section at 37w1d, 2/12/08 (age 42.11)
Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and supplements, baby aspirin, 5mg folic acid. DH did acu, herbs, vitamins (under duress).

Protocol info:

Embie pics and my full story are up at:

Some of my IF learnings are at:

If you prefer a more coherent write-up as an e-book, try this:

Find me on Facebook:

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  1. I did it! - summerwind03 on Sep 19, 2012, 4:45 PM
    1. Thank you so much, summer! :) - Kiwichick on Sep 19, 2012, 4:54 PM
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