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WTF callback with (long)

September 21 2012 at 11:27 AM
Sara Q  (no login)

Hi ladies,

I just wanted to let you know what said at during our WTF callback last night, because I said I would let you all know earlier in the week.

All in all, it was a pretty anti-climatic callback and went how I expected it to go. I'll try to highlight the key points.

*He said that Cho.e's concern about my e2 drop was unwarranted and that there have been no drop in pregnancy rates when women's e2 have dropped b/n HCG and the day before ER. (Apparently he did a study to show her that, but she still believes it's a big problem.

*He said I should disregard the high stim IVF failures I've had and look at my "record" as 0 in 1 as opposed to 0 in 5.

*Agreed with my desire to finish the dissertation and start up again in January or February with IVF.

*Thinks that having 7 or 8 follies (what I usually get even with low/moderate stim) is not necessarily a good thing since my AFC has been 4-6 while on estinyl. He doesn't think the extra follies are viable.

*Thinks we should try to convince someone here in Cali to do a special type of IUI in the meantime because our chances are slim without it because of DH's high ASA. (It might be difficult to convince them though. I really wish we could just do TI and have a decent chance...)

*Wants to try a "lupron-stop" protocol with me for the next low-stim IVF instead of ganirelex protocol to ensure that I don't lose eggs/experience another pre-mature lutenization. Not sure I understand what this is though. Any ideas? He said it was different than the micro-lupron flare protocol.

*Wonders if my endometrium is "inhospitable" after taking FSH drugs, but the only way we can really find this out is to do a natural IVF, FET (and I've never had frozens) or a treated, natural IUI

*Thinks the fact I can make 8-cell embies is really key

*Didn't know why I had 2 out of 3 multinucleated embies, might be the protocol or early lutenization

*Said that if I want to talk to him during the stimming process, that I just have to tell the nurses that I'm a "Check-only" patient and that they have to check with him and not the other doctors regarding judgement calls (i.e. when to trigger, etc.)

*Didn't bring up DE until I did. Said that "of course" if I want to do DE and/or am ready to do it, then it's a good option, but that I'm not a lost cause.

*When pushed to give me some statistical predictions regarding my chances he said his best guess is 30% chance of success per IVF with OE and 55% chance of success per IVF with DE. This was interesting, b/c I thought there would be more of a difference b/n the two. Maybe my chances with DE are lower than I'd thought they'd be because of DH's ASA issues and our immune problems...

I think that's about it. Hopefully some of this information can help you all too. I'd love any thoughts you have regarding what he said as well. Despite how forthcoming he was with his advice and opinions, not to mention the that he gave me higher chances of success than I figured he would, I still left the conversation feeling unsatisfied. Not really sure what that's about....I should not by now that there are no cut and dry answers, right? wink.gif

All the best,

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