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Re: Fertility awareness testing: 32 yrs old and concerned...

March 21 2016 at 7:42 AM
Houston  (no login)

Response to Fertility awareness testing: 32 yrs old and concerned...

I was your age when I started trying to conceive. My FSH had tested at 10 and my AMH was .4. It was difficult, took 2 IVF tries (one where I flew to CCRM), and finally resulted in my DD. I started trying again when she was 1. I ended up doing multiple IVF cycles and ended up conceiving at 37 years old after a cancelled cycle. My second time around was much harder, and I basically ended up having a second child because I was lucky. My FSH after I had my daughter had skyrocketed to 32. Not a lot of time had passed really, but my fertility took a huge turn for the worse. My point with telling this is to let you know that you must be very proactive--especially if you want to have more than 1 child.

If this is the guy for you and you aren't ready to start a family yet, then you could do frozen embryos, but that is a huge risk if things don't work out (they have better success rates than frozen eggs).

I personally think the better option is to freeze your eggs, even though I understand it may seem financially undoable. At the time I had my first IVF, it seemed the same way, and I ended up going through 2 cycles, both at very expensive clinics. I took out loans. It seemed crazy to spend so much money that I had to take out loans for just for a chance at achieving a pregnancy, but I thought it was worth it. Even after I had tried multiple times for a second child and spent a ton of money and had literally $50,000 in loans and had not achieved success, I still felt it was worth it just to know I had done all I could. Taking out loans is possibly an option, but you have to look at whether or not you would feel like I did if you don't end up having a successful pregnancy or if you would resent spending the money. If it is the latter, I would not do it. If you do decide to freeze your eggs, make sure you research the clinics success rates with frozen eggs. All clinics are not created equal. I believe, but am not sure, that CCRM has the best rates for frozen eggs.

I would have your AMH tested to give you a better idea of the position you are in fertility wise. One FSH reading is not enough because it is just so variable. At one point, after my FSH had tested 32, it actually tested 5 (without an elevated estrogen reading--estrogen can suppress FSH). I have been told your fertility is only as good as your worst FSH reading.

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