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Run, don't walk, to another clinic! (Success, m/c ment)

November 15 2016 at 6:32 PM
Erin   (no login)

Response to Success with High FSH at RMA?


I don't know TONS about RMA but from what you posted, it doesn't sound like they're DOR friendly which is what you need. At 39yo with 2 live children (one of whom is only 2yo) and a 3rd pregnancy, you absolutely have a fighting chance. It will half a good clinic that knows what they're doing with DOR patients, and maybe a little time and perseverance but I think you definitely have a good chance at success with your OE. If you want to stay in NJ, you have Dr. Check. Though his approach (and the experience of going to his office...) is unconventional he has a ton of experience with DOR. Then if you can get to NY (you're lucky to be relatively close, as we have some people on the boards traveling from other countries to get there!) there's Dr. Davis at Cornell (must be him specifically- other REs there are not as high FSH friendly) or New Hope or another smaller clinic that's an offshoot of New Hope that I can't remember right now. There's also Dr. Tortoriello at Sher Institute in NY as well.

Here's my story: I was diagnosed with DOR at age 31 or so. My AMH was undetectable and highest FSH was around 18. I was told I was hopeless at a major hospital clinic in Boston after a cycle there, and then again at CCRM after a terrible cycle there. Note both used very high stim protocols. Then I went to Dr. Davis and after 2 moderate stim cycles, had success at 33yo. Fast forward to a year and a half ago when we started trying for #2. This time I started at a local IVF clinic because of the difficulty traveling with a child. I have success twice but both ended in early m/c. I then travelled to Life IVF in CA, did a natural cycle and ended up pg with that embryo, and I'm currently almost 10wks at 38yo. So keep the faith but run from your clinic. Time makes a big difference when you get over 35yo so it's important to move as quickly as possible. Best of luck!

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