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Age 36 High FSH ? about Dr. Check 's Natural Cycle

March 15 2011 at 9:24 PM
Anon  (no login)

Brief History

Have been trying for approx 21 months 2 biochemical pregnancies one on Femara and the other on Follistim. My highest FSH has been 23 and lowest was 10.9. Not in the ideal situation to do IVF right now but was told I had less than 5 percent chance with out donor egg. I am have been told that i am being stimulated wrong and that is why I have not been succesfull in reaching mature follicle. I am currently on Follistim 300mg and Menopur 150 both at night. I also have started DHEA and take it starting with negative beta and continue till my HCG shot, as well as estrace at same time to increase lining. Have heard lots about this forum and trying to reach out to see who has done the natural cycle with Dr. Check and maybe the protocal they have followed. I am waiting to have my phone consult with one of the doctors from there as well. DOes anyone have any success with robitussin or mucinex. Look forward to hearing and hoping that i still have a little hope of conceiving on my own.

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Mrs. A
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info (PG ment)

March 16 2011, 9:02 AM 

I'm sorry you're on this roller coaster. I've been there.

You can read my story below but if you want to fast forward the answer is YES, I am one who found success naturally with Dr. Check at age 39.2 on a cycle where my FSH was 12.1 and I barely had an antral follicle count. I'd done mucinex, timed intercourse, trigger shot and P4 support.


You absoultely have hope to conceive on your own.

Eariler last summer there was a woman on this board (screen name Shipin) who is 32 (or 34?), and went to see Dr. Check in the middle of a screwed up medicated cycle, he got her off the meds right away, monitoried her, had her do timed intercourse and she ended up PG.

The fact that you have conceived naturally (albeit medicated) is a VERY good sign. Unless you have other compounding factors like male factor or tubal issues, stuff like that, you don't necessarily have to do IVF. But it also matters how much longer you can hold out without finding success.

Good luck!!

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Re: info (PG ment)

March 16 2011, 11:21 AM 

Was the trigger shot HCG ? And what days did you have TI ? What is mucinex used for and P4 support is that suppositories ? Sorry so many questions -- this emotional rollar coaster is about to get the best of me !

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Mrs. A
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more info

March 16 2011, 2:59 PM 

yes, trigger is HCG.

I ovulated on a Thursday. I had TI the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday prior and then the Friday (late) after.

Plain Mucinex is an expectorant. It thins your mucous and makes it more favorable for the sperm to swim up. Mucinex is the same as Robitusson; they are both guaifenisin. If you take this take it in the days leading up to ovulation and then stop. Be sure to only take the PLAIN versions of these brands; if they have any letters following the name, it's the wrong formula and can actually be counterproductive.

P4 is the lab reference for progesterone. So when we say P4 support we mean any progesterone support. P4 support comes in several forms.

Endometrin - vaginal tablets
Crinone - vaginal gel/cream
Suppositories - vaginal
Progesterone in oil - injected intramuscularly
Prometrium - oral capsule; can sometimes be used vaginally

The above all require an Rx.

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