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New to Forum-High FSH- Period 2x a mnth for almost a year...

October 14 2011 at 9:55 AM
bp81  (no login)

Hello- I am new and need some insight!
I went to my ob in march, after having irregular periods since January- getting them 2x a month or not at all.
I was given blood work (not for FSH at this time) all came back normal- also a pelvic ultra sound.. also normal.
So, more time goes, and I KNOW in me, that something is wrong. I have been taking ovulation kits for months, and never get a positive line. Time for dr again. So- she gets me to take a DAY 3 test. Results: FSH 23.3 Estrogen 102 and Progesterone- 'fine'
I am freaked out.
Otherwise, I had a baby, (not planned..birth in December 2009). I got my period normally after he came, until January. Not sure what happened, or why it happened so quick. I have a fertility dr appt on Nov 15th. INV is not an option and neither are donor eggs.
Next test dr wants me to take is AMH.
Anyone have a similar situation?
I just turned 30 in September. Im scared, nervous..and sad sad.gif

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pg ment/son/everyting mentioned

October 14 2011, 10:25 AM 

this is what is so sad about OBs and their lazy attitudes about fertility. the only bloodwork that really matters is what is drawn on CD3 ....what type of bloodwork did she give you before that?? i mean there is the thyroid but that's about it....the CD3 bloodwork is really what is needed and it frustrates me that OB d*ck around with other stuff. in my situation (and my OB was actually good) i pretty much told her to get lost and pursued an RE on my own...if i havent done that, i would have still been messing around with "trying for a year" per her recommendation, before getting help. i am 32, have elevated FSH and very low AMH.
your RE will probably test you for your AMH and AFC (antral follicle count). AMH speaks to the "reserves" you have in your ovaries. there are success stories on here with elevated FSH....some it takes longer than others. i also conceived 3 years ago (my son) and my issues werent caught bc i conceived quickly. i had a m/c in january this year which prompted me to see an RE in may after not conceiving again, and my issues were found. you will find REs have differing opinions on this subject matter so you may need to find the right one for you. for example, my first RE told me that i would never get pregnant again - maybe with IVF. big maybe. my second RE was confident i would, and 3 months later i conceived twins on clomid...im almost 13 weeks. (some women with elevated fsh do not respond to clomid, fyi). i also still had/have very regular cycles. your age is the best thing you have going for you, and the fact that you have already had a live birth : ) dont give up : ) im drawing from my experience but others will chime in and share their advice/experiences as well...and you will see a wide range. everyone on here is so nice and helpful and i dont know what i would have done without this board.

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Re: pg ment/son/everyting mentioned

October 14 2011, 10:43 AM 

Yes- I was given thyroid test.. etc.. in the beginning.. but she said "give it 6 months to try to get prego, and then maybe Clomid".. but I knew right away it was more that just.. "not getting prego or timing." Luckily, I saw another Dr in the same office, that told me to get diff. blood work... I just wish I could have caught this a little earlier. I will be getting another FSH test and AMH test next menstrual cycle. Do you know if there is a certain day that I need to get the AMH test done? I was just going to do that on Day 3 along with the FSH....
I am mad at them- I just feel like I dont know what to do... I guess I will wait to see the numbers next cycle... I am also starting a wheatgrass pill everyday.. I have been reading so much of how amazing it is for so many reasons..
Thanks for you reply happy.gif And CONGRATS on the twins!!!!!!!!!!!!

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(Login lejewett)

I'm not sure I'd freak out yet...

October 14 2011, 12:24 PM 

Hmm...from what I've heard, your FSH isn't actually that high, considering your E2 is high and p4 is normal. E2 is produced by follies, in your ovaries, so if it's high that means you have plenty of follies and E2 also suppresses FSH, so an "abnormally high" FSH should also be accompanied by a low E2 (30 or lower) in order to diagnose POF. Yes, I've heard AMH is the real factor in determining fertility, as the ranges and spikes of your other hormones during your cycle can vary so much from person to person.

I've also heard that acupuncture can help restore regular menstrual cycles if all of your other hormones are ok. Also, how much do you exercise? We're told that "excessive" exercise can affect ovulation, but our ideas of what is excessive are usually more towards the extreme side, like anorexics. I used to run 3-4 miles per day before my Dx which doesn't seem excessive, but since I've limited myself to 25 min of light jogging 3x per week combined with some pilates, I got one AF (the first in several months), and my "menopausal" symptoms have ceased. Haven't had numbers done since then b/c my OB says "that shouldn't matter". So I'm finding myself a new OB after my RE appt next week.

Early on someone told me to take it one day at a time, one test at a time. Stay positive. It's so hard not knowing; and if you just don't feel you're getting the answers you are looking for, find new Dr.'s.

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October 14 2011, 12:51 PM 

I just had my AMH done on day 3 along with FSH and rapid estradiol. I've heard though, that you can do the AMH on any day. It seems like the fact that your estrogen and progesterone are good would be a good sign, and the fact that you are younger. Hang in there! happy.gif

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well yes but....

October 14 2011, 1:53 PM 

you dont want the estrogen to be elevated on CD3. 102 is pretty high. they like it under 50ish on CD3. it does artifically surpress the FSH but i doubt that would still put your FSH in the "normal" range. elevated e2 on CD3 can lead to early ovulation which in some cases the egg doesnt have time to fully ripen. do you know if you are ovulating early? that could explain why you are having 2 periods a month. not being doom and gloom but just laying out the facts. and the fact that your progesterone is "normal" on CD3...well,it really wouldnt be anything but normal because you hadnt ovulated yet (others can chime in on that)...
you can get the AMH tested at any time of the cycle fyi. try not to worry too much...i know it is hard. but your age is great.

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Thanks girls...

October 26 2011, 8:19 AM 

I am waiting for my next period to come-- I have been taking ovulation tests for months, and have yet to see 2 lines.. until last week-- i saw a faint one, along with the test line.. not sure if its a fluke, or if the supplements i have been taking are helping. I started wheatgrass pills.. 6 a day.. i feel great.. not so tired... pleasant.. lol
Maybe those will help to regulate my period... ?? I am shocked it hasnt come yet! Since Ive been getting it so much.
Thanks to everyone who wrote.. I love this forum... I will update when I go for blood work again for FSH and AMH...


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Sara H
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October 15 2011, 7:46 AM 

It sounds like, on the surface of things from just what you have posted, that your levels are kind-of out of whack. Your numbers are more like someone about to ovulate, not a day three. So, if your cycles have been wonky it could well be that getting with an RE that could level out your hormones could do a world of good!

We have had a couple of new folks on the board in the last weeks, if you go read their welcome posts there is some great "getting started" advice there that might help.

Did your Dr. do a ultrasound? Did you have any follicles forming? (An OB tech might not know since they are looking for other stuff, no worries!)

If you tell us what area of the county you live in someone might have great advice about a good RE that is used to working with ladies with elevated FSH. It is vital with work with someone who know how to help people with high FSH.

In your case it may be that your cycle is just misaligned and if they get you leveled out it could really help.
It is a longer road but there is hope and your age is a great thing you have going for you!

I am including a welcome post below that will hopefully help while you are here!

Good luck to you and though you are very welcome may your stay here be short!
Sara H



I was 'new' here last September and put together some hints, beyond the guild lines listed on the main page, that I think are helpful! Probably stuff you know but I hope it helps!

Sara H.

1) Use the "Search" on this site when you have a question (remember to push "date" so they are in order, recent to last, since you can sometimes get answers from 10 years ago!) Often I have my questions answered right there with no need to post!

2) We use a LOT of acronyms here that are hard to get your head around sometimes if you are new to it! Here are 2 sources: ( I have them book marked on my computer and I still use when I have questions!



3) You will notice in some posts that people are very careful to say in the message title when things involving children and pregnancy are mentioned. So, if at some point you are mentioning pregnancy (hopefully someday yours!) or whatever just put your topic and (PG mentioned) in the title, if you have a child and mention that please put (Child mentioned) so if someone is having a bad day and knows they just can't read about it today they are forewarned! Other "disclaimers" include (DE Mentioned) for donor egg, (Adopt Mentioned) for adoption, (M/C Mentioned) for miscarriage or (TMI!) when something is graphic or very very personal! Basically, anything that someone might rather be warned about before reading. Although we all share one thing in common, we all come from varied backgrounds so we try to be sensitive to that as much as possible.

4) We tend to be a more fact-based board. Sometimes it's not all rainbows and hopeful news. We are totally supportive but also more factual/scientific than a lot of other boards. But, there is a LOT of knowledge here that can be so very helpful! Just remember, we are only speaking from our own experience and not giving medical advice. You know the old adage: You get what you paid for!happy.gif Each person is very different, what works for one may well not, and probably not, work for another!

5) When you need inspiration go peek at the "Pregnant...." board! You can cruise over to check on "friends" who have made it there or when you are feeling down... it's rather joyful to see ladies who have found success!

Good luck!

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