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Tips to make the 2ww go faster....

January 26 2012 at 2:29 AM
Sara Q  (no login)

First, spill some water on your 6-month old mac laptop.

Second, freak out because you it shut off immediately and when you plug in the battery charger it shows no "green light."

Third, freak out even more because you realize that a) 6 months of data collection for your dissertation is on that computer and b) that you did not back this up. (Oh dear lord!)

Fourth, freak out even more because you realize that you did not extend your Apple Care Coverage and may have fried your computer and lost several thousands of dollars as well as months of your life.

Fifth, steal your husband's laptop to frantically look up what to do when you spill liquid on your mac laptop. Also look up your renters insurance policy to see if electronics are covered - but just get more confused.

Sixth, try to follow the directions from the website, but realize you can't take the battery out of the computer because you don't have a small enough screw driver and all the hardware stores are closed. (It's now 10pm.)

Seventh, make several trips to Safeway and CVS, trying to find something that will work to remove the screws. You settle on a mini-eye glasses repair kit - and buy several.

Eighth, try to take the screws out. Get out six of the ten screws. Curse a lot because you can't get the rest of the screws out because all the glasses repair kits you bought are ruined because they are cheap.

Ninth, go back to Safeway again to buy more glasses repair kits. Ensure the check-out person that you and your husband are not making a homemade bomb at home.

Tenth, go home and try to take those 4 blasted screws out. Curse some more because it's not working. Eat some yogurt and a bbq pork bun out of frustration.

Eleventh, give up on the screws until the morning and instead decide to cry a little and then laugh because what else can you do?

Twelve, watch some Criminal Minds while cuddling with the doggie because it's 2am and you are not in the least bit tired.

Thirteenth, steal DH's computer again because you realize that you didn't do any of the preparation in order to teach your class the next day.

Fourteenth, give up on preparing for class because you realize that your brain is now made of cheese - but more importantly, all your files are on your poor dead computer.

Finally, laugh because you realize that you haven't once thought about whether or not your IUI worked ALL EVENING - a first!

And that, my friends, is how you make the 2ww go faster! Ha!

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January 26 2012, 3:04 AM 

So funny. Well whatever floats ur boat wink.gif

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(no login)

Love it!!! nt

January 26 2012, 5:10 AM 

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Sara H
(no login)

Hahahah! But, ohhhh, so not funny!

January 26 2012, 7:32 AM 

I hope it works out!

Tell us what happens with the computer, OK? The Mac guys are amazing at getting stuff back... I say there is hope!

Hugs and good luck.... and next time you want to be distracted I suggest a small trip, a project or a class in something fun that you have to concentrate on, like pottery... much less costly and destructive!

Good luck!
(Written to be funny and was but I am also sorry!)

Sara H

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Mrs. A
(Login 39andTTC)

I hope your 2WW gets better news

January 26 2012, 7:40 PM 

though than just a revived Mac!

Good luck!!

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