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just some thoughts. ...

February 12 2012 at 6:03 AM
Nadia80  (no login)

I'll make this is brief.

1. Finished pack of hrt again to af
2. Thinking about getting on bcp I know many of u ladies go on it for a reason.
3. I used to be on bcp from 1999 to 2004 after stopping immediate cease if af.
4 . I have creepy bw. High cortisol , high calcium Serum , low b12 , low vit d. I'm taking supplements for them.
5. I will get my parathyroid tested soon

I dunno I thought usually ppl with pof get a sign of it before knowing, like irregular af. Mine just stopped I'm keeping myself busy by investigating. Something ain't right.

Thanks for listening

Me 31
Pof since 2004
Began hrt Jan 2011
Feb to nov 2011 hrt and no af. 
Dhea feb =3.  Oct =5. Jan. =117
Tyroid panel normal

my bw Jan 2012. Normal ranges ()
E2 less than 10!!! 
Dheas 107umol/L (98-315)  
fsh 55. Cortisol 615 (171-535). B12 127 (148-738). 
Vid d deficient 
Calcium 2.60 (2.12-2.55)  
act hormone 44 (6-56).   

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'to af' is supposed to be 'no af'. Nt. ^^

February 12 2012, 6:05 AM 

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I can't offer much but

February 12 2012, 7:16 AM 

Have you had an iron panel done? This would include:

Total serum iron
TIBC (iron binding capacity)
% Saturation

I recently discovered I was low in iron and it can be related to thyroid issues. The iron panel would also tell you if your iron is too high, which can happen in cases of hemachromatosis (my sister has this).

I am not sure how your iron levels could be related to no AF but it might lead you to something that might explain it.

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February 12 2012, 7:20 AM 

I had a friend who had no AF. She was overweight by maybe 40-50 lbs? She lost 15 lbs and got her AF and went on to get pg. I'm not saying you are the same, just another idea. happy.gif

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my 2 rambling cents

February 12 2012, 9:34 AM 

Hi Nadia
How do you feel when you are off the HRT? Do you have any meno symptoms?
I am currently off the hrt for about 5 weeks to do a blood panel for an endo (not RE) and I am taking coq10 and fish oil .........I am curious to see if it will help bring on af on its own......I know its wishful thinking.......but you never know.

POF is very funny cuz you could ovulate out of the blue......on bcp's, hrt, or nothing.......you just have to listen to your body and look for signs and symptoms of extra cm- to see if you ovulate. I think you sort of know when you have more estrogen in your body.......keep up the vitamins etc- get a regular cycle going.....I prefer hrt to bcp's and pray........
you have your age going for you......
Have you ever tried a round of clomid? or any stims at all?

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no stims..never

February 12 2012, 9:39 AM 

All docs told me not to bother. But ur right about hrt. wink.gif I thought maybe bcp for a couple of cycles to get enough estrogen then back on hrt. And u know I do feel stinging feeling in ovaries and pulling too.. I bd on these days .. But then nothing. wink.gif

Thank u jainee

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one other thing

February 12 2012, 8:39 PM 

You need to go to a doc who will work with you and at least try to stim- even though he says it won't work. you must tell the doctor to 'humor' you and at least give you one try to use stims........maybe they will get a shock of their lives and a follie will show up. Have you been to dr. c.heck? He will work with you even though he will tell you that the statistics are low..........you need to find a friendly high fsh doc.

otherwise you will always wonder why you never tried it..........
been there done that sad.gif

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What about just estrace?

February 12 2012, 6:39 PM 

When I went off bcp my AF was gone too. It started to come back but it was not bc I was ovulating. One round of estrace only and I ovulated on time.

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Some other thoughts...

February 12 2012, 8:20 PM 

Have you ever had your prolactin taken to see if it's elevated? I don't know how a whole lot about it, but I know that it can cause issues if it's elevated. Mine got elevated really fast once and they said it can indicate a pituitary tumor so I got it retested later and it had gone down so they didn't supect that anymore. High cortisol can also indicate a pituitary tumor from what they told me (but I don't know how high the level has to be before they suspect it). My cortisol was low so they were no longer suspecting an issue with the pituitary because of that. I don't mean this to scare you, but just something to ask about as your level is elevated/high. Or mybe they could check your prolactin. If you got prolactin tested and it was high, that might provide you with some clues.

I really don't understand it all, but I did find info in this article online that kind of goes into it...the part talking about prolactinoma talks about it a little.


Maybe you have already looked into this, but I thought worth mentioning since it was brought up with me once. I don't have POF, but it doesn't always cause POF (at least I don't think it does).

I hope you can find some answers soon happy.gif

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