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For those who replied to my post - Amh level results and sad

July 2 2012 at 12:50 AM
Lisa  (no login)

Thank you for replying, laptop was been repaired at the weekend and had no access. So here goes, DH has no sperm (1cc) but going to retest Wednesday (he was heartbroken)

AMH 0.33 and was at doctors Friday and he told me that this month also I didn't ovulate but still getting periods WTF - I asked him if there was anything i can do to help me ovulate and he said NO!!! Is this true girls? I've just realised that i may have not ovulated in a long time sad.gif

I just seem to be getting bad news all of last week.

I get periods which are irregular like between 27 to 31 days and never missed a month so why am i not ovulating do you think.

Am i perimenaposal or going into menopause do you think and is there a blood test that can confirm it?

My head is spinning with all this bad news.

Me: 39
FSH: was 4.4 and next month was a whopping 28!!!!! why such a jump here sad.gif

All other levels are fine though

Thank you all.

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AMH (peg mentioned)

July 2 2012, 5:08 PM 

As many people replied to your post before, some with low AMH or undetectable AMH level do get pregnant. Mine AMH is 0.4 and FSH 15. And I had my DS through IVF. So if you haven't tried IVF, don't give up hope easily.

I asked my doctor whether elevated FSH can tell me any information about when I may get into menopause. Both my RE and OB said no they don't think they can predict based on the FSH number. It only means I can get into menopause earlier than normal maybe. But no one knows it will be 10 years or 2 years. So science can't tell us everything right now... With the information you have now, it tells you that your ovary reserve is lower than normal and you may get into menopause early. And it tells you that you'd better consider aggressive measures (such as IVF) on fertility issue. Time is of essence now.

Sorry to hear about the sperm issue. Hope the retest brings some good news. If not, you may have to work around the issue with ICSI (sperm injection) or donor.

Hope you

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Re: For those who replied to my post - Amh level results and sad

July 3 2012, 1:54 PM 

Sorry, I don't know the answers to most of the questions, but I bet if you post them individually on this site you will get better responses from some who have more knowledge than me on some of these issues. My docs have not said the high FSH means you will go into menopause early, just that it may be an indicator that you will.

I don't know the answer to the ovulation question, but I suspect the docs can monitor you and give you a trigger shot to make you ovulate. They can make you ovulate during an IVF cycle, so I don't know why they would not be able to make you ovulate during a natural cycle.

Is your doc an RE? Does he specialize in high FSH? If not, I would make sure to switch to someone who does.

Also, I am sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis. I think there are some invasive tests he can do to figure out if he truly does have no sperm. I think he needs those tests prior to concluding that he has nothing to work with. I am not well versed in this information, but I have seen some information posted by others not that long ago on this subject. You may want to start a separate post asking about this issue as well.

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Re: For those who replied to my post - Amh level results and sad

July 7 2012, 8:38 PM 

Did you take the birth control pill? My sister had the same thing going on (not ovulating) but having a period ever month and she conceived through IVF.

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