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Are my follicles too big? So scared of being cancelled again!

August 10 2012 at 7:22 AM
Jess  (no login)

I am doing a (very) low-stim IVF cycle at Co.oper (I've only been taking Gonal-F (75) since this past Saturday and Lupron (15iu) since last Thursday. No other stims).

On CD10, I had:
RT: 17, 11
LT: 13.5, 15, 16, 17.5
My E2 was 1,435 LH= 8.7 FSH=8.6 P=0.6
The nurse had told me then that Dr. Ch.eck thinks it's too early to trigger and wants to give some of the smaller ones a chance to catch up. So I continued taking the Gonal-F and Lupron for 2 more nights.

Today (CD12), my ultrasound showed 5 follies, with 4 of them measuring above 20mm (the other is a 12mm). I don't remember all the measurements, but the biggest was on my RT. The tech first measured it at 22x19, but then measured it again and said- no, it's really 22x27 (I'm assuming this is the 17mm follie from two days ago- could it have grown so much in 2 days??). If it really is measuring 22x27, that is the biggest one (I guess 24.5mm). The other 3 were around 21-23mm.

I am nervous that all these big ones will get "overcooked" and not make it. I'm assuming they will tell me to trigger tonight for ER on Sunday - but I'm so scared that it will be too late. Uch, I hope I don't cancelled again sad.gif

Any Ch.eck patients that have experience with this? At what size does Dr. Ch.eck consider a follie to be over-mature?

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Mrs. McIrish
(no login)

my thoughts

August 10 2012, 9:18 AM 

I had a similiar situation in February where I had a 23mm at trigger and it was 26mm the morning of the ER. The egg ended up being dead at retrieval.

I was nervous at my last ER in June of overcooking the egg again. I triggered at 21mm and itw as 23mm morning of ER. That egg was alive.

It's hard to say how yours will be but in my opinion, they should have checked you yesterday and not let you go 2 days with a 17mm.

I hope it works out for you.

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(no login)

Thank you-- forgot to add--

August 10 2012, 10:17 AM 

Thanks so much for your reply. I agree with you- they should have monitored me yesterday, but the problem is I am a Sabbath observer so the nurse said there was no point in getting b/w and u/s yesterday if I couldn't trigger last night and do a retrieval on Saturday anyway. Of course it had to fall out on Saturday. Couldn't have been any other day!
I sort of feel like if they knew I couldn't do Saturday, he should have had me trigger Wednesday night (CD10) and retrieval today (CD12). Going by my #s today, I don't really think Wednesday would have been too early, but the nurse kept saying that Dr. Ch.eck said triggering that night was not a good idea.

Oh well. I guess it is out of my control. Even if 1 or 2 are "overcooked," I'm hoping maybe 1 or 2 can be salvaged...? This sucks sad.gif

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Mrs. McIrish
(no login)

Good luck

August 10 2012, 12:15 PM 

I hope you get a few good ones!! Nothing about this is an exact science and things always seem to fall on the days when we don't want them too:-(

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(no login)

Re: Thank you-- forgot to add--

August 11 2012, 10:05 AM 

Hi Jess- you need to really be in touch with your LOR-who is familiar with IF and he could tell you what you are allowed to do and not when it comes to the Sabbath......you might be surprised at what you can do........

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(Login Jypsum)

Very similar experience

August 12 2012, 9:05 PM 

Except for having so many follies. Jealous. Anyway, I had one 17mm on Wednesday and one 10mm. RE told me to go back Friday for u/s. Follies were then 22 and 14. So triggered Friday night, they wanted me to go in for blood test Saturday to check HCG, but becos of observance, didn't go in until this morning. This morning nurse actually said my HCG was low, and they would have liked me to do a second trigger last night, but too late now. Anyway, they only got one egg. RE said the other follie was deflated, thinks it ovulated already. ARGH. Feel like I should have had u/s Thurs, but since my growth was sooooo slow, never suspected it would jump from 17 to 22 in 2 days. Anyway. One sad little egg. Don't understand how both my HCG could be too low, and they were too late for the one follie. Oh well. Come on little egg! You can do it! Rah rah! So the good news is, there is no way my RE will pressure me to transfer more embryos than I'm comfortable with. It's going to be one, or you know, zero. Yep. So bright side there.

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