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Had a callback with C.heck last night. I don't have a lead follicle problem? De mentioned

September 19 2012 at 6:37 PM
Michelle in SF  (no login)

Hi Ladies,
I always like when people post how their callbacks went because many times I've learned valuable information, so I thought I'd post mine.
So last month I surged by centrotide. He felt I should have been triggered earlier given what my labs said, and he was sorry I was not told to trigger the night after my b/w and u/s appt. And having the office closed and extra day on labor day then added to the cycle really going wonky.

Anyway, I asked him if there was something we could do to get rid of the lead follicle problem (try a different suppression method) and he said I don't have a lead follicle problem. I would have a lead follicle problem if on day 3 my lead follicle was pretty big already and my E2 was near 80. This is not the case, day three my 1-4 antrals are always small and E2 is low. He just said I have a very low reserve and I'm only going to get one, maybe two. But not to fear and don't think about DE yet. That made me cry and cry after I got off the phone. It's like opening up this window of hope, that no one else gives me, feels SO good.

Okay, so today I have my BW and US. This is technically day 4. My e2 was 20 and my FSH is 6. (I've been on four days of Ethinel E2.) And my AFC is only 2 this month. The nurse seemed super down about my stats She said "you know you only have two antrals, are you sure you want to go ahead with this?" And then she said usually the ethinyl e2 helps recruit more antrals. Great, one my thing my body is "supposed to do on a med" and doesn't.

Anyway, I'm really feeling down after talking to her...she treated me like all the other doctors who said do DE. Like I don't have a snowballs chance and what the hell am I doing....Like "okay, well it's your money and time" kinda attitude. I just feel like shouting at everyone "I'M NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO DE UNLESS I DO THIS PART PEOPLE...GET IT?! Ahh, okay, thanks for the vent.

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(Login kiwichick145)

Listen to Chec.k, not some #$%^& nurse

September 19 2012, 8:18 PM 

She's got no business pouring gloom on your plan when you are in consultation with the world's top go-to guy for high FSH. What the hell would she know? She's benchmarking you against every fertile myrtle 30-year-old with low FSH who just happens to have no tubes and needs IVF.

Check is looking at your situation and saying look, I've succeeded with way harder cases. Listen to him - he KNOWS his stuff!!

I remember going in to see my RE after IVF#5 failed. My 42nd birthday was looming. I looked at him and said, "So, am I your most challenging case?" He laughed his head off and said "Not by a LONG shot!" This after one of his colleagues had told me 4.5 years prior that I had virtually NO hope of ever conceiving with my own eggs.

If SHE thinks you can't conceive that tells you more about HER than it does about you. It's a reflection of her confidence in her ability to succeed with you. Lucky she's not your RE. As an u/s nurse she needs to learn to do her job, keep her mouth shut, and stop butting in on the professional relationship between you and your RE.


Hugs, hang in there, and trust the actual expert.



Kiwichick (old-timer and board grad)

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Two failed IUIs (Clomid)
IVF#1 (MDL, 300 Gonal F) cancelled, no response (July 2005, age 40.4)
Chemical pg on a break cycle (Aug 2005, age 40.5)
IVF#2 (antagonist, 450 Gonal F, ICSI) - 4 follies, 2 eggs, 2 embies, BFN (Nov 2005, age 40.8)
Chemical pg on a break cycle (Jan 2006, age 40.10)
Chemical pg on a break cycle (March 2006, age nearly 41)
IVF#3 (antagonist, 450 Gonal F + 75 Luveris, ICSI) - 6 follies, 6 eggs, 4 embies, 3 t/f, low level chemical pg/BFN (May 2006, age 41.2)
IVF#4 (antagonist, 450 Gonal F + 75 Luveris, ICSI) - 6 follies, 3 eggs, 3 embies, BFN (Aug 2006, age 41.5)
IVF#5 (antagonist, 450 Gonal F + 75 Luveris) - cancelled, one follie (Nov 2006, age 41.8)
Natural BFP in Feb 2007; m/c @ 7wks (age 41.11)
IVF#6 (low stim antagonist, 150 Gonal F + 75 Luveris, frozen sperm, no ICSI) - 2 follies, 2 eggs, 1 embie, BFN (Apr 2007, age 42.1)
IVF#7 (low stim antagonist, 150 Gonal F + 75 Luveris, with Dex, ICSI, June 2008, age 42.3) - 4 follies, 4 eggs, 4 embies t/f, BFP! happy.gif Twin girls born by C-section at 37w1d, 2/12/08 (age 42.11)
Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and supplements, baby aspirin, 5mg folic acid. DH did acu, herbs, vitamins (under duress).

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Michelle in SF
(no login)

Thanks Kiwichick!! I was really surprised by her reaction because she is a che.ck nurse.

September 20 2012, 8:56 AM 

Anyway, I feel better this morning. I'm going to fight! fight! fight! until I'm ready to not fight anymore. I'm pretty sure I still have some fight left in me.... happy.gif And I understand full well the stats, but I'm just not ready to give up yet.

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(Login kiwichick145)


September 20 2012, 2:55 PM 

Can't believe one of his nurses would say that, OMG!!!

Glad you still have some fight in you.

We all face(d) crappy odds, but it's every woman/couple's personal journey and they need to decide what other stones they will regret leaving unturned and which are not worth struggling with.

It's the job of REs and their nurses to support those wishes and maximize the odds working with what they've got.

You go, girl!!

As I've said before, let's not worry about irritating the REs and the nurses; they won't be in your life for that long, but your spouse and [current/future] children will! And THEY are what matters.


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Similar thing happened to me...

September 20 2012, 4:06 PM 


I am so sorry that you had to hear words like thatthey sure sting, and I know how you feel. I just wanted to know that you are not alone in having similar comments from a Cooper nurse, which totally threw me for a loop. I have done 2 mini-IVFs with them so far, and each time I had a very poor response and/or empty follicle. During both of my IVFs, the first thing I heard from the nurse was (I am paraphrasing) You gotta make more eggs honey, this wont work with just 1 or 2, I am so sorry. REALLY? I mean, I know what she was trying to say, because I had empty follicle she was trying to make me feel better by saying that if I could just get more, it would improve my chances of having a follicle that wasnt empty. The first time, I shrugged it off, but the second time it really hurt me. I thought I was going to Cooper because they are understanding of these issues and DOR patients.

Also, regarding the EEsome people just get oversupressed on it, that happened to me. I think in some it helps to recruit more follicles, but I can tell you in my situation it shut me down for at least a week or more, the antrals would come and go, and the EE suppressed the effect of follistim injections too muchat any rate, the antrals change from day to day, so I dont know why she would say something like that to you. When I took EE, my AFC varied between 2 and 7, all within 10 days or so.

Hang in there! I dont think its over for you this cycle, unless you really feel more comfortable for some reason waiting to the next. Good luck happy.gif


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Whatever (pg ment)

September 21 2012, 6:13 AM 

My cycle which resulted in triplets started with an AFC of 2. Don't let her get you down. That's the way us DOR ladies work. Just a few eggs. I'm sorry you were made to feel this way. Just remember what Check had to say.

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September 21 2012, 8:38 AM 

I would ignore it, and take it with a grain of salt I too had a couple of B nurses. I identified them both upon going to Copper from there voices. The nurses are just that, nurses not doctors and going one step further alot of them are medical assistants or CNA so they have no room to question protocols, doctors orders, or a patients decision to continue a cycle.

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