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MDL w/o suppression

September 21 2012 at 12:25 PM
Houston  (no login)

I am planning on trying MDL protocol. I have done this before with BCP, but was thinking about trying it with no suppression. Has anyone tried MDL protocol without any suppression? What was your experience?

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MDL is bad for me, but I did do no suppression antagonist (child ment)

September 21 2012, 2:34 PM 

Best cycle, most eggs ever, success! (at your RE's office) happy.gif Hope that it works for you!

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(Login kiwichick145)

I flunked MDL with BCPs, so hopeless that I never tried MDL again, switched to antagonist

September 23 2012, 12:30 AM 

Antagonist at least I grew follies, though it wasn't pretty until I finally switched to low stim. I used very light suppression, but everyone is so different in how easily they are suppressed or oversuppressed ...

My history is below, and of course I was older, so ...

Good luck!


Kiwichick (old-timer and board grad)

ttc#1 2+ yrs (starting at age 36), FSH 19.6 dx at age 38.5, DD#1 conceived via IUI/Clomid at 38.7

ttc#2 2.4 years (starting at age 39.11);
FSHs 9.6 (4/05), 9.7 (6/05), 12.4 (10/05), 8.5 (1/06), 18.8 (2/06), 16.4 (4/06), 9.0 (7/06), 12.1 (10/06), 9.0 (4/07 w/E2V), 8.1 (5/07 w/E2V)
Two failed IUIs (Clomid)
IVF#1 (MDL, 300 Gonal F) cancelled, no response (July 2005, age 40.4)
Chemical pg on a break cycle (Aug 2005, age 40.5)
IVF#2 (antagonist, 450 Gonal F, ICSI) - 4 follies, 2 eggs, 2 embies, BFN (Nov 2005, age 40.8)
Chemical pg on a break cycle (Jan 2006, age 40.10)
Chemical pg on a break cycle (March 2006, age nearly 41)
IVF#3 (antagonist, 450 Gonal F + 75 Luveris, ICSI) - 6 follies, 6 eggs, 4 embies, 3 t/f, low level chemical pg/BFN (May 2006, age 41.2)
IVF#4 (antagonist, 450 Gonal F + 75 Luveris, ICSI) - 6 follies, 3 eggs, 3 embies, BFN (Aug 2006, age 41.5)
IVF#5 (antagonist, 450 Gonal F + 75 Luveris) - cancelled, one follie (Nov 2006, age 41.8)
Natural BFP in Feb 2007; m/c @ 7wks (age 41.11)
IVF#6 (low stim antagonist, 150 Gonal F + 75 Luveris, frozen sperm, no ICSI) - 2 follies, 2 eggs, 1 embie, BFN (Apr 2007, age 42.1)
IVF#7 (low stim antagonist, 150 Gonal F + 75 Luveris, with Dex, ICSI, June 2008, age 42.3) - 4 follies, 4 eggs, 4 embies t/f, BFP! happy.gif Twin girls born by C-section at 37w1d, 2/12/08 (age 42.11)
Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and supplements, baby aspirin, 5mg folic acid. DH did acu, herbs, vitamins (under duress).

Protocol info:http://www.network54.com/Forum/264844/message/1184096897/

Embie pics and my full story are up at:

Some of my IF learnings are at:

If you prefer a more coherent write-up as an e-book, try this:

Find me on Facebook:

or twitterhttp://twitter.com/kiwichick145

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September 24 2012, 1:37 PM 

Thank you both! I think I have decided to try BCP for 12 days and then MDL. I figure if this doesn't work, I should know relatively soon. I just want to give this protocol one more shot since it is the only one I have ever had success with. All the other protocols (high stim EPP) have ended with really poor or no fertilization. Next cycle, I want to try no suppression and antagonist.

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