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High FSH new here looking for info and support

February 19 2016 at 10:23 AM
Anonymous  (Login Magnoliabush)

Hello, I'm new here and was referred to this site after posting on resolve high FSH board. I guess i'm just gathering some information, support and maybe a little ranting.

I turn 37 in a month
FSH 35.8
AMH .282
Antral follicle count ( number of follicles on day 3 of cycle) 10
Estrodial has always been good

This was my count a year or so ago when we first started IVF

I went through one full cycle of IVF with only two eggs large enough to retrieve. Both fertilized but only grew to 3 and 4 follicles on day 3, both transferred. BFN
Stims were upped and we did another IVF cycle but only one grew so it changed to IUI, BFN
Last protocol was Microdose Lubron and high stims, I did not respond well to stims ( poor responder) so cycle was cancelled and we got the DE talk.

I'm now hearing about mini IVFs or natural IVFs as a better option for high FSHers. Here's where my ranting comes in because if this truly is a better option why didn't my RE suggest this? I even asked about natural IVF cycles because I just didn't want to do all that stimulation. Believe it or not, the nurse actually laughed when I suggested this. At the time I really didn't know any better so I just proceeded with the RE's plan trusting that the she knew better then me, after all i'm not a fertility doctor. Anyway, after the third attempt at IVF was canceled and we got the DE talk I just about had it and wanted nothing else but to feel normal again. That was almost 7 months ago.

I guess I'm wondering now if I should get a second opinion now and try again with an RE who specializes in High FSH and do mini or natural IVF, but maybe I just waited too long, I was just so emotionally and physically drained to move on after all that, but now I'm sure my numbers got worse. My DH wants to try EA but part of me wants to try with my own eggs again and part of me wants to just let it all go and accept i'm done. IS my reality that its too late already?

Does anyone have suggestions or thought? Is it too late for me with my age and number?

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Re: High FSH new here looking for info and support

February 19 2016, 12:47 PM 

I don't think it is too late for you with your age and number. I just think it is going to take a lot of persistence and if you are like me with insurance, money. I was 37 when I achieved success the 2nd time around. My FSH had tested at 32 2 years prior. My AMH was .28. My AFC was 0-4. Usually when I tried medium to high stims, I either had a cyst and had to cancel or I had to cancel because I had very little growth. I made it to ER a few times, but I had no fertilization, empty follicles, poor growth, etc. I ended up going to see Dr. Davis at Cornell. He initially suggested high stims with me, which I tried, with disastrous results. Eventually, he suggested a low stim protocol of microdose Lupron and estrogen priming and 75 mg of menopur per day. I never responded well on this protocol, but I did respond with 1 follicle. I cancelled my cycle, refused IUI, took the trigger shot and became pregnant via timed intercourse. I think this protocol helped me finally get a good quality egg. So, quality over quantity.

So, I would see if there is a doc you could go to that would try a lower stim protocol. I think when the FSH is your level, it is imperative if you have found that your eggs are being "fried" by the high stims. I think it could take you numerous tries.

You aren't getting many eggs out of high stims anyway, so I don't understand why docs push them in this case. It is my theory, which is supported by really nothing that I know of other than my experience, that sometimes us high FSHers are having trouble maturing our own eggs in our body. So, when we have the help with just a little stims that will not damage our eggs which seem to be damaged more easily with stims, then it is easier to be pregnant. I often wonder if the success rate in this sort of case would be the same if we just did low stims and IUI rather than IVF; I really don't know.

So, in sum, I would find a doctor who will do lower stims on you. I would probably consult with Dr. Davis at Cornell. Although I cycled at Cornell a few times, I ended up finding a local doctor in Houston who would let me use Dr. Davis protocol. If you could find this same situation, which might take some looking around, this would be ideal.

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Re: High FSH new here looking for info and support

February 19 2016, 12:50 PM 

Also, even though you aren't over 40, that board is more active with people who have a lot of knowledge, so I encourage you to post there as well.

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there is hope

March 1 2016, 1:59 PM 

hi, I don't think your numbers look terrible! I would have wished for those! I've never seen an AFC of 10. I had an afc of about 0-1 generally and ***MENTS got my bfp after a couple years of monthly cycling between IVF, IUI and timed intercourse, depending on the $ and how the cycle looked. Successful cycle was actually a natural cycle with monitoring. END MENTS*
As Houston said it will probably take persistence but if you go to a high fsh doc you will be in the best hands to have a fighting chance.
And don't feel so badly about trying high stims. They do work for a lucky few (definitely not me, because I tried!) and if you didn't at least try it you would probably have regretted not doing so early on, when you had a better chance of responding.
The Doc's you'll find consistently on these boards are Dr Y at Life, Davis at Cornell, Tortoriello or Wang at SIR.M, and of course New Hope. Are you near or could you go to one of these? You may want to post your ideal geographic location here and on the over 40 board if you want other suggestions.
best of luck to you.

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April 27 2017, 11:10 PM 

Hi Buddircup, I was just wondering if you would be happy to share your age when you got your BFP? And your highest FSH? Did you ever have your AMH tested? I have a low AFC too sad.gif

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