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High FSH, no clomid but one follicle on ultrasound - what do I do?

May 13 2016 at 8:54 PM
concernednel  (Login concernedNel)

Me again.

FSH = 16 on Day 3
Ultrasound on Day 3 showed 7 potential eggs on one side; 8 potential eggs on the other
Ultrasound on Day 10 showed 1 follicle
No fertility meds were taken (I was afraid of a cyst on Clomid given what others had said).

The nurse said the one follicle was what should happen if my body does what it was supposed to do. Meaning although FSH was high, I still go the one follicle without being on fertility drugs.

I am seeking opinions on the following:
1. Do I try naturally this month? I am still nervous that the FSH was high not due to poor ovarian reserve, but instead poor egg quality.

2. Do I need to go on a fertility med next month? What is the benefit if I am able to still produce the one follicle despite the FSH being high.

Thank you!!

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(Login airly)

Success mentioned

May 16 2016, 8:21 PM 

I am very new to this myself and 100% sympathetic to how confusing it is!

I believe high FSH was once believed to indicate poor egg quality as well as low quantity, however recent research just indicates that quantity is affected NOT quality. And even for quantity it is not the most effective test (I believe AM h and AFC are more effective measurements on quantity these day). Quality of egg will depend of a range of factors, most notably maternal age.

If you are ovulating and producing an egg, you are in much the same boat as the normal FSH group. IVF isn't a great option because IVF is successful by producing more eggs, which they do by stimulating the ovaries with drugs. But if you have a high basal FSH level the drugs just aren't effective because you already have such a high level of hormone.

Think of how many women actually get tested for FSH. I was trying to get pregnant for a few months and only found out my FSH by accident I was actually at the GP for my thyroid. It's only people who've not fallen pregnant for awhile, or who are using assisted reproduction for other reasons that find out they're FSH levels. Plenty of women would fall pregnant naturally and probably never know what their level is.

Good page for info;http://highfshinfo.com/?page_id=83 - actual research not inaccurate or out of date information!!

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26946729 - info regarding acupuncture on diminished ovarian reserve. Data was for IVF patients however some aspects (ie egg quality) would apply for natural conception also. Note that the observation group only did an average of 15 acupuncture sessions each

Sorry for the wall of text! I definitely think you should go for natural conception, at the least I wouldn't NOT go for it while waiting for other options.

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Artemisia in UK
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Thank you

May 18 2016, 3:23 PM 

That info is really useful for me too. Really glad you're posting!

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Re: High FSH, no clomid but one follicle on ultrasound - what do I do?

May 20 2016, 7:57 AM 

I agree with the above. Having high FSH just means low quantity, not quality. Thus, you should absolutely try. The studies and information saying that quality is impacted are old and have been disproven. I have been told this by multiple doctors.

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