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where to go from here?

July 18 2016 at 12:48 PM
alice  (Login alice0)

Hi All! I'm new here. I'm 30 years old, and my husband and I have been TTC for over 3 years. My FSH is around 24. Last year, I got pregnant while taking a break from treatment, but miscarried at a little over 7 weeks. We've done many rounds of IUI, but we aren't eligible for IVF since I usually only get one egg to mature (we got two once). I've also tried acupuncture, but no luck so far.

I'm partially resigned to not being able to have my own biological children. We are not inclined to do egg donation, but we want kids no matter what, so we are planning to adopt if things don't work out in a few more years.

I guess I'm just looking for realistic encouragement. I don't want to give up too soon, but I also don't want to raise my hopes.

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Hi there and encouragement (MENTS)

July 18 2016, 1:06 PM 

Hi Alice, I'm very sorry to hear about your journey so far. It's very hard, we can relate. It sounds like you may be a great candidate for mini-ivf or natural cycle ivf. Where do you live? Maybe there's a more suitable clinic that can help. For poor responders (which I'm guessing due to the low # of eggs -I was in the same boat) going to a clinic that specializes in low reserve, high fsh is important. Age is going to be a good factor for you. Even the small number you are producing will likely have a better chance to be successful thanks someone with the same stats that is older.

My story is on the over 40 board (because in truth people like us have bodies that are more reflective of what a typical response would be of someone in that category). In short though MENTS I had only 1 egg in most cycles over a few years monitoring starting at age 33. I did fun success naturally (with a timed intercourse cycle) at age 36.3. It's probably going to be a difficult road to continue on( not like you don't already know that) but it can happen. Good luck in your journey

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July 18 2016, 1:27 PM 

Thanks Buddircup! I hadn't heard of mini or natural cycle IVF. I'm in NJ, USA--I'll look around for clinics that offer it.

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Re: Thanks!

July 18 2016, 9:32 PM 

Mini for sure CNY in Syracuse NY does Mini IVf and there are other clinics as well.

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July 21 2016, 8:57 AM 

I used S.IRM, maybe consider them? I'm also in nY tri state area. I believe they have a NJ office as well. They also periodically do seminars where they give a free ivf. Also if you are willing to go to NYC New Hope has a really good reputation for high fsh/low amh-ers. While I have NO direct experience I have pretty much only heard not very good things about the place the anon poster posted about - well except that they are relatively cheap. I say relatively cheap because many don't seem to find success and end up then going to a better clinic and spending more combined...and it all adds up. But again, I'm not a doctor and I have No experience there, just lots of research online.

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Agree with Buddircup (success ment)

July 21 2016, 8:38 PM 

I'm sorry for what you've been through. I went through something similar with high FSH and undetectable AMH at 31. I failed high stim IVF horribly, but got 3-5 eggs on low/moderate stim at Cornell and managed to have success at 33yo. You definitely have a good chance at 30yo given that you are ovulating because at your age, your eggs are likely almost all normal, so if you can even get a couple, you have a great chance! I wouldn't delay on doing IVF now while you're 30, and I would do mini-IVF at a place like New Hope (or Life in CA if you're willing to travel), especially if you want more than one child. I so wish I would have some embryos frozen at age 32/33 when I went through this initially so I wouldn't be struggling the way I am now for #2. Stay away from CNY- there is a woman who trolls all the boards pushing CNY but as a long timer on these boards, I've seen nothing but time wasted there.
Good luck to you!

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Re: where to go from here?

July 25 2016, 7:50 AM 

You are so young, I believe you have a relatively good chance with even one egg. I also agree with the comments on egg freezing at your young age. Yes, your FSH is high so your battle is with the numbers.

Just because you only respond with one egg doesn't mean you should not be a candidate for IVF. You need a high FSH friendly clinic. I used one in Houston, Houston IVF, in addition to Cornell and CCRM. Given your proximity to Cornell and Dr. Davis, my thoughts are to try him out. He is extremely knowledgeable. It will likely take multiple tries to get the correct protocol for you, and it is definitely hard and expensive, but I believe worth it to keep trying.

I had success on a microdose Lupron med-high stim protocol when I was 32 with an FSH of 18. I had success again 1 mth shy of my 37th birthday with an FSH of over 32 (I had it tested 2 years prior when my response was much better). The approach that worked for me the last time (I tried many, many protocols) was a microdose-lupron protocol with estrogen patches plus 75 menopur, plus growth hormone for quality. This was Dr. Davis protocol (the growth hormone was added by my local doctor). I really favor this low stim approach. I had one follicle, my local doc was willing to proceed with IVF, but I decided to convert to timed intercourse and it worked. I was also doing a low gluten, low dairy diet for 3 mths and taking Vitamin D and coQ10 supplements.

For you, maybe you should try the low stim approach with IUI a couple of tries if you decide not to go the egg freezing route. There are tons of high FSH friendly docs if you look through this board. The only thing is they may require significant travel.

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