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Success with High FSH at RMA?

November 15 2016 at 10:17 AM
Beth Ann  (Login elizwarren77)

Hi all,

I recently had my first appointment with RMA. Based on the blood work I had done at my OB GYN, I was told I would be a poor candidate for IVF using my own eggs (due to my high FSH) and that Donor Egg was my best option. That said, they are going to repeat the labs on the 3rd day of my upcoming cycle and will go over my treatment plan at that time.

My numbers were as follows:
39 years old
AMH .168
FSH 22
Estradiol 10.89
LH 11.1

I have two children aged 5 and 2 (conceived naturally) and was pregnant last year but had a MMC at 9 weeks.

I am in shock with the news and having a hard time accepting that my only option is IVF with DE.

I am hoping my FSH comes down when my labs are repeated but if they do not I am curious if anyone with elevated FSH has had success with RMA? If not, can anyone recommend "high FSH" friendly doctors in Northern NJ?

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Run, don't walk, to another clinic! (Success, m/c ment)

November 15 2016, 6:32 PM 

I don't know TONS about RMA but from what you posted, it doesn't sound like they're DOR friendly which is what you need. At 39yo with 2 live children (one of whom is only 2yo) and a 3rd pregnancy, you absolutely have a fighting chance. It will half a good clinic that knows what they're doing with DOR patients, and maybe a little time and perseverance but I think you definitely have a good chance at success with your OE. If you want to stay in NJ, you have Dr. Check. Though his approach (and the experience of going to his office...) is unconventional he has a ton of experience with DOR. Then if you can get to NY (you're lucky to be relatively close, as we have some people on the boards traveling from other countries to get there!) there's Dr. Davis at Cornell (must be him specifically- other REs there are not as high FSH friendly) or New Hope or another smaller clinic that's an offshoot of New Hope that I can't remember right now. There's also Dr. Tortoriello at Sher Institute in NY as well.

Here's my story: I was diagnosed with DOR at age 31 or so. My AMH was undetectable and highest FSH was around 18. I was told I was hopeless at a major hospital clinic in Boston after a cycle there, and then again at CCRM after a terrible cycle there. Note both used very high stim protocols. Then I went to Dr. Davis and after 2 moderate stim cycles, had success at 33yo. Fast forward to a year and a half ago when we started trying for #2. This time I started at a local IVF clinic because of the difficulty traveling with a child. I have success twice but both ended in early m/c. I then travelled to Life IVF in CA, did a natural cycle and ended up pg with that embryo, and I'm currently almost 10wks at 38yo. So keep the faith but run from your clinic. Time makes a big difference when you get over 35yo so it's important to move as quickly as possible. Best of luck!

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(Login elizwarren77)

Re: Run, don't walk, to another clinic! (Success, m/c ment)

November 15 2016, 8:44 PM 

Thank you so much for the feedback. Your insight and hopefulness is very much appreciated! And best of luck with your latest blessing!

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Re: Run, don't walk, to another clinic! (Success, m/c ment)

November 30 2016, 6:09 PM 

If your blood results are not day 3, I don't believe that they should be drawing any conclusions about high FSH /DOR.

I did go for a consult with RMA NJ - and agree - RUN!! They are NOT DOR friendly at all. I told them numerous times up front that I had high FSH and wanted to ensure that would not be an issue. I got there and the doctor said my only chance was donor egg.. And actually that was NOT the worst that he said.. He looked through my tests and said - you have a birth defect - didn't anyone tell you that? I was so shocked at how blunt he was. It was not even a correct interpretation of results - follow ups with other REs and geneticists as well as my own research confirmed he interpreted the results incorrectly. It was the absolute WORST appointment I have ever had with any RE - the doctor was heartless and I have never been treated so poorly. They had the nerve, while I was in tears, to try to usher me into a meeting with their billing department. I told them there was nothing to meet about and perhaps they did not understand that we were done here.

There are many wonderful ladies on this board who can provide suggestions for REs and advice. I am with Ch.eck in south jersey. Wishing you all the best!

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Success mentioned

November 16 2016, 7:43 AM 

I agree with Erin. Your FSH is high, but not so high that you should not be able to use your own eggs.

I had two successes, 1 when I was 32 with an FSH of 18 and 1 at 37 with an FSH that tested 32 two years prior (I suspect it was actually much higher than 32 when I got pregnant). I used CCRM for my first success and was successful on IVF number 2. I tried again with CCRM twice, once at Cornell, then tried several times locally at HFI (only 1 IVF, but several cancelled cycles) and conceived on a cancelled cycle (I took the meds, but did not proceed with IVF b/c I had only 1 egg). So, don't be too discouraged by RMA, just know it is in uphill battle. I have never had a doctor not give me the donor egg talk.

I would consult with Davis at Cornell over the phone. I used his protocol for my last success and just had a local doctor at HFI implement the protocol (although he added his own tweaks to it). I would prepare for IVF find a good DOR clinic and lab, but if you have the funds, if you could find a local doctor that is good with DOR, I would have the doctor run some low dose stim protocols on you asap and try IUI. It seems you can get pregnant on your own and often patients with DOR embryos seem to be a little more fragile (not everyone). I'm not saying don't do IVF, just to do IUI in the meantime while you are waiting on IVF.

I would set up multiple appointments with multiple docs. I think with DOR, it is always best to have multiple plans in the works, so there is no delay between switching doctors, clinics, etc. since time is of the essence.

Also, you may want to post on the over 40 board because it has more traffic. All ages are welcome. I have been posting on that board for years and just turned 40 this year.

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Beth Ann
(Login elizwarren77)

Re: Success mentioned

November 16 2016, 10:11 AM 

Thank you so much for the information! I am new to all this and feel like I am learning a new language. I really appreciate all the great advice!

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