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supplements, supplements and mores supplements. help!

December 30 2016 at 11:52 PM
indi  (Login hopefulidealist)

hello everyone!

i am new to the board and i haven't fully search past posts so forgive me if this is redundant. i think everyone is taking their own cocktail of supplements but i would appreciate your opinions while my re is away for the holidays and my nurse is somewhat inept.

i had gotten the green light to take:
vitamin d (1000iu 2x daily)
fish oil (680mg 2x daily)
NAC (500mg 2x daily -recommended for anxiety by my therapist but also positive effect on fertility)
melatonin (5-10mg)

my first cycle went better than expected with quite a few more folicals and mature eggs than expected (we were expecting 1-2 and we got 6!) but none made it to day 5. re believes that it is due to egg quality and suggested adding co-q-10 (200mg) and DHEA (25mg 2x daily).

further research suggested that the following could also be beneficial so i added them recently:
b complex

i have held off on additional iron (i am anemic due fibroid symptoms), inositol and selenium + e complex.

my regular gyno is not concerned with my supplement coctail and neither is my acupuncturist.

Is this too much?? i feel like i spend my days taking supplements and i am afraid of interactions that may be counterproductive. selenium and vitamin e seem great but come with high risks. i am a little afraid of taking them. i think i will end up adding the iron since i have a deficiency but i am unsure about inositol.

all opinions welcome.


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Re: supplements, supplements and mores supplements. help!

January 1 2017, 1:43 AM 

Argh just lost my reply to you! Sorry but here is the shortened version:

I highly recommend the book "It Starts with the Egg: How the Science of Egg Quality Can Help You Get Pregnant Naturally, Prevent Miscarriage, and Improve Your Odds in IVF". Only a few bucks on amazon if you have a kindle. Author has specific information for high FSH ladies such as ourselves and goes in to a lot of detail on current research on supplements. Overall, with supplements less is more.

The best for high FSH:

DHEA - highly recommenced by author. Some science still coming out regarding it but initial findings are very promising. Personally I took it, I found 25mg every day to make me feel a bit aggro and emotional, but taking it every third day was perfect. Would take it again just for the energy boost! Hard to get where I live (Australia)

Co enzyme Q10 - Must be the ubiquinol version. 200mg the recommended amount but it does get pricey.

Melatonion - only recommended to IVF cycles as it can mess up natural cycles.

Resonable to take:

I would definitely take iron if you are deficient, look in to good liquid formula that was be well tolerated. Not sure on American brands but here we have a few good ones that work pretty fast. My acupuncturist was more concerned with my low iron than my FSH! Fish oil and Vit D, along with other usual vitamins such as calcium, zinc etc are likely to only be worth it in the case of a deficiency. I would consider scrapping them and just having a general prenatal to be honest.

Not recommended:
l-arginine or similar stuff mentioned online like mica, bee pollen etc. Studies have been done and shown these are not effective and can be detrimental.

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Re: supplements, supplements and mores supplements. help!

January 1 2017, 1:52 AM 

Just wanted to add a few points if I may;

6 eggs sounds great for starters. Sorry I have never been through IVF but I do read these boards a lot and from what I've read thats a great result, many woman are lucky to get just the one. I do feel however that with high FSH quality of the eggs is a huge thing, because we produce so little, and you are on the right track to get yours as good as can be! The book I mentioned above (seriously I promise I'm not the author but I really appreciated it so much!), the author says that although the general consensus is that our eggs age as we do, and can accumulate damage along the way, the most damage occurs in the months prior to their ovulation, when they go through changes in preparation to be ejected from our follicles. She goes it to great detail, but the gist of it is,the few months prior to conception are crucial to egg health.

Also, worth noting although you probably already know, its good to keep up a regular exercise regime, and avoid plastic BPAs and other toxins where feasible.

This forum is pretty quiet as you've no doubt noticed, the over 40 board seems to get a lot more traffic, and the ladies there might have some more specific pointers for you. Wishing you all the best with your journey!

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success mentioned

January 6 2017, 7:19 AM 

I am not familiar with all of your supplements. I do think Vitamin D is very important. It was the one addition to my supplements when I had success (with an FSH of 32). I had taken L-Arginine at 1 point and hadn't noticed any difference in egg quality, but that doesn't mean it didn't have one. I just don't know. I personally prefer taking just Vit D and CoQ10 (or ubiquinol). Plus a prenatal. I would also take Iron if you are deficient, but I would go with your doctor's recommendation on this.

I was also on a low gluten, low dairy, high protein diet at the time of my success. Don't know if it made a difference, but I mention it just in case.

Also, 6 is a pretty good response. I heard the egg quality speech multiple times, and while your egg quality may be impacted, I found the greatest impact on egg quality was the lab. I ended up going to CCRM (the best lab in the country) and I went from having zero make it to transfer to all of my mature eggs surviving. So, this may be something to consider. I also used 3 day transfers instead of 5 because there is a theory that the eggs do better in your body than the lab, so if you don't have a ton to choose from, go with a 3 day transfer. Of course, having 6 would have warranted a 5 day during your last cycle, but you may want to consider transferring 3 day next time around.

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reduce DHEA to 25mg and avoid GMO food

January 17 2017, 6:20 PM 

Make sure to take methyl form of B vitamins, and you could skip the l-arginine since it's more helpful for men than women when ttc.
Avoiding GMO is important- not good when ttc, or anyone...and looks like it's going to get worse:http://naturalsociety.com/incoming-trump-administration-shaping-up-very-pro-gmo-1938/

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