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February 16 2011 at 1:12 PM

Yacht Club snubs Sir Dadis life membership bid

THE Royal Papua Yacht Club (RPYC) in Port Moresby has rejected Sir Dadi Tokas life membership attempt last Friday at its annual general meeting.
Sir Dadi broke with tradition by agreeing to be nominated for the honour of life membership because he was asked by some members - only to find out that the votes he expected from the expatriate-dominated club members did not materialise.
Several attempts to speak to the club executives were unsuccessful over the weekend but the Post-Courier was told that some prominent members walked out when the agenda was raised.
Life membership at the RPYC is recommended by the club committee. The only life members are expatriates. Sir Dadis nomination came from outside the committee and it was put to the vote at the AGM.
Sir Dadi, in an interview with the Post-Courier, said he only needed two-thirds majority vote but interestingly, when the life membership agenda came up, a lot of club members, out of the 331 members that attended, walked out of the meeting.
He said the voting figures were not disclosed.
The mood among Papua New Guineans was one of defeat and humiliation. Trying to come to terms with the shock, some Papua New Guinean members pointed to the manner in which Sir Dadis application was handled by the club committee.
One Australian, along-time resident, said, I dont feel like going home tonight. Its a bad day for PNG. The decision is shameful and is a big let-down.
Sir Dadis nomination was presented to the AGM by Highlands lawyer Margaret Parua, the principal of Parua Lawyers. Ms Parua told the AGM that Sir Dadi was instrumental in securing the clubs present site when the plan was to relocate the RPYC to Gabutu or Napanapa.
Ms Parua capped of her bid by saying the Motu-Koitabuan had lived by the sea for 73 years. But her enthusiasm failed to move the club.
Papua New Guinean members at the AGM numbered less than 30 so the majority votes that was needed by Sir Dadi to be granted life membership were in expatriate hands.
Ms Parua said she was a lawyer and she and Sir Dadi were not the only ones snubbed.
She said prominent Highlands businessman Simon Korua also failed in his bid for the position of commodore of RPYC.
It was the first time in the long history of the club for a Papua New Guinean to seek life membership or to contest the position of club commodore.
Opposition Leader Sir Mekere Morauta witnessed these turn of events first hand.
The irony is that Sir Dadi, who comes from Hanuabada village, was recently recognised by the Queen.
He has overriding jurisdiction over organisations that use the prefix royal by permission.
Had Sir Dadi not intervened, the RPYC would have been relegated to a backwater where members would not want to go.
Considering the success the RPYC enjoys today in its present site, the contribution was significant enough for him to be considered for life membership even though he was not a committee member.
The club has misread his inten-tion because of ill-conceived reasoning or blatant disrespect, and had inadvertently thrown the gangplank for him to climb on and challenge the club site, parts of which encroach his land.
It is not a case of a bruised ego. Rather, the fact presented by Ms Parua that Sir Dadi passionately wanted his Hanuabada image to be lifted, was ignored.
The RPYC waged a legal battle some years ago over the land where the Kingfisher Apartments are because the club wanted to buy it for extensions.
Sir Dadi is a director of Kingfisher Apartments.


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Hela Duna


February 17 2011, 5:49 AM 

Bo ho ho ho...Look whose crying now....

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February 17 2011, 8:08 AM 

This is a disgrace to PNG citizens.........mi sem pinis.

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who cares


February 17 2011, 9:12 AM 

What is the club doing for the good of PNG or POM as a whole. Its just like another night club

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February 17 2011, 3:47 PM 

Of course Dadi Toka's (SNR)controversial past and lack of integrity had nothing to do with the rejection...............

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The good thing about a whites there is always a genuine reason..

February 17 2011, 7:08 PM 

I dont believe it to be Racist..I think its our Papua New Guinean "bigman" mentality kicking in again...If he couldnt winh the respect of expatriates then ye he shouldnt be considered.. if only white man where in charge of everything, the country would be better of..and we wont have so many grand chiefs and "'Sirs" with proven corrupt records..Good thing I'd say, that one got rejected his lifetime bid...

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Re: The good thing about a whites there is always a genuine reason..

February 18 2011, 7:29 AM 

.. if only white man where in charge of everything, the country would be better of..
This statement can only come from some good for nothing, inferior human being like you.
Have some pride in yourself. People like you end up in Sydney trying to 'look white'

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Student Is Right

Re: The good thing about a whites there is always a genuine reason..

February 18 2011, 8:24 AM 

We are a joke.. pride or no pride we are still are joke..

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Re: The good thing about a whites there is always a genuine reason..

February 18 2011, 8:48 AM 

Royal Papua Yacht Club (RPYC)...never been there and probably never will. Lived in Pom for the last 27years always seen the expat dominated club as a no go area. I believe they have a very stringent membership rules. Anyway keep trying Sir Dadi.

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Re: The good thing about a whites there is always a genuine reason..

February 18 2011, 8:51 AM 

Its not trying to look white, its called emulating the epitome of quintessential standards of living..and you say I dont have any self respect?? pfft!

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Re: The good thing about a whites there is always a genuine reason..

February 18 2011, 10:25 AM 

I am Appalled by what you are saying Student. You shouldnt even call yourself a Papua New Guinean. This is not about Big Man Status and what not. This clearly shows the Yacht Club is full of Racists and should be removed from this country.

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Re: The good thing about a whites there is always a genuine reason..

February 18 2011, 7:41 AM 

This club has a proven track record for being racist, only last year they made PNG artists hosting a show at the yacht club stand in the corner, not allowing them any services, hatim bel.....why waste your time if you know what they are like, in fact, get rid of the fakin place!!!

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Gummy Bear

Race is Irrelevant

February 18 2011, 11:05 AM 

Tell me why I should vote him in, race being irrelevant.

Has any other expat members not been voted in for the last five years?

I think this article is very "prejudicial".
The reason I say this is because the article writer gives only two reasons why he should be voted in:
1. He was instrumental to the yacht club being where it is.
(Who cares, didn't he get paid for negotiating? If not, than that's his loss. Its just business.)
2. He is PNGen.
(Really? Sounds racist to me. Where did the writer get his degree/master from?)

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February 23 2011, 12:45 PM 

I am white and an automatic citizen, my grandad came here in 1922.

i have no time for the so called superior attitude of the yacht club and its conmen that run it. It should be dozed and something relevent built in its place. the colonial era is over, they cannot respect pngians of any color and i have been called by their patrons a white kanaka! em okay tu maybe I am one but why not pissoff back to aussy and look for a job? you cant get one in your own country so you aspire to stealing one over here. KICK EM OUT!! sIR dADI GIVE EM HELL.

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February 23 2011, 10:24 PM 

The story reminds me of the colonial days when Papuans were not allowed to drink beer, male natives not allowed to have sexual relations with white women, and also not allowed to enter certain clubs or places in Port Moresby. It is sad that Somare still allow such practices to continue in PNG. I think we are bunch of cowards that let foreigners push us around. Where are the warriors from Tari and Goilala?

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Tax do it yourself

March 24 2011, 3:42 PM 

"It is sad that Somare still allow such practices to continue in PNG. I think we are bunch of cowards that let foreigners push us around"

Why are you crying to Somare for help. He's done his bit. hE had his share of treatment by being booted and belted by Colonial masters. You wonder why he pushed for Independence? Now look at what's happening at the RPYC and acuse Somare of getting Independence too early. It's their club why we PNgeans want to make ourselves look stupid by sticking our nose in there. Those that think like whiteman can be humiliated because they too discriminate other Papua New Guineans.

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March 29 2011, 4:23 PM 

RPYC will surely be remembered for its racist atmosphere.

This is a community of small white pricks who are doing small jobs and getting paid big money.

I will be talking to relevant authorities to bulldoze that place.

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Stret Toka

Re: The good thing about a whites there is always a genuine reason..

February 23 2011, 7:45 PM 

couldnt agree for you more....the yacht club is for elitist expats....get rid of it !!

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Re: The good thing about a whites there is always a genuine reason..

March 25 2011, 8:55 AM 


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Re: The good thing about a whites there is always a genuine reason..

March 25 2011, 8:56 AM 


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marcus bai opens up about racism

March 25 2011, 10:26 AM 

Prompted by recent events involving Benji Marshall, former Gold Coast and Melbourne star Marcus Bai has spoken about the racism he encountered during his career. In RLW’s weekly Legend Q&A, Bai says: “People always get frustrated and angry on the field and will say stuff to try getting under your skin.

“But if I go to the referee, to the NRL or the media, then it’s like I am the loser, the victim.

“When they called me a black c&%#, I would turn around and call them a white c&%#. Or I would try running the ball at them and hurting them. That is the best way to get even.

“It’s hard for Benji and I feel sorry for him but you have to walk away. This sort of thing has been going on for thousands of years and will go on for thousands more.”

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Hey Insider

March 31 2011, 5:51 PM 

Insider, can you tell me one thing that Somare did the last 5 years relating to how we get discriminated in our own country?? What did he do when the securities in Australia pulled him aside and forced him to remove his sandals or shoes? His supporters were crying foul in Port Moresby. Is there any club in Australia that is ONLY for the Lebanese or Chinese? If I was Somare I would expell all Australians from PNG except those married there or true true wantoks, and let in the Russians and Chinese.

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Re: Hey Insider

April 4 2011, 9:09 AM 

You sound like a bit of a racist yourself or you’re just driven by hate.
And yes there are clubs that are clubs and groups in Australia that are Lebanese and Chinese only.
You are mad to want to bring the Chinese and Russians in you just no real idea about the damage they will do.

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PNG Sret!

Re: Hey Insider

April 12 2011, 1:38 PM 

Make it your goal to beat their racism and draw their respect, how? Study their game and beat them at it!
One thing that makes them feel superior is their colour, most western technically advanced countries are white and they think it has something to do with the race.
Secondly, english being the universal language and them having a command of the spoken language naturally makes us feel inferior.

We can do nothing about our colour but we can show them in our spoken and written english by studying and stepping out of our comfort zone and engaging in conversations, reading/wrigting in english.

Remember, Papua New Guinea has been a civilized society for over 50,000 years, we were into Agriculture and farming back then and lived in a society.
Just because, we do not comply with their perception or definition of a advanced society doesn't mean we are inferior.

I live in a white society overseas, I marvel at how technically developed and advanced their country is but I pride myself in being black and PNGian and ensure that I am judged based on my intellectual ability and not colour or origin!!

Yes, I see alot of PNGian trying to act white or easily adopting some of the white people's arrogant attitude but who am I judge, I dont know their specific situation and I can only speak for myself so I mind my own business!

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Everybody is racist

June 5 2011, 12:03 AM 

i think everyone has a little bit of racism in them.
Im bi racial, and have lived in australia as well as png.
I happen to think australians are racist. But i also believe papua new guineans are aswel.
If png is surrounded by all this discrimination and prejudice and people complain about the yyachty so much: Simply DO NOT go there. Why would you wanna hang around this kind of environment.
You wanna talk racism, lets talk about aussie hi comm and how come there are so many requirements and a waiting period for a visa into australia.
And for them they purchase one on arrival no questions asked!!!

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Re: Everybody is racist

June 5 2011, 4:44 PM 

Well, am I a racist because I married a PNG lady? And we love each other? and I am a waitman?

I think people can get along together wherever they come from. Crying 'racist' is stupid and ignorant and a feeble excuse from someone with a psychological problem and who can't get the partner they lust after.

If I or she were blind - what difference would it make? With the lights out we are all the same colour.


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Kurumbukari Mine

Re: Everybody is racist

June 8 2011, 1:51 AM 

I head some papuan banana boats full of banana republic movement activists got cracked up by aussie bechoes of crash excavators, is that true?

panim graun o panim ples? who wants to join and live with ancestors of convicts? why crashing only the boats? kill those bastards looking for a piece of land? send dadi toka and his carps down the torrestrait and they'll return with the membership.

Australians lead the global survey on "the most racist faces" on the planet.


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Alan Smithee

Burning boats and closing TB clinics shows Australia doesn't care about PNG people

June 8 2011, 2:11 AM 

Yes, the Australian Immigration Dept burned the boats of those Papuans who travelled to North Queensland to protest their lack of citizenship. This destroys their livelihood and means of transport.

And the Queensland Dept of Health is closing down three TB clinics in the Torres Strait that currently treat 60 or so PNG people with TB. The patients will be sent back to Western where there is no proper treatment, so they will probably die and also infect other people. They are entitled to travel across to Australian territory under the terms of the Torres Strait Treaty.

AUSTRALIA's decision to axe tuberculosis clinics on its northern border by the end of the month will be a "death sentence" for 60 Papua New Guinean patients, a top doctor has warned.

In written advice given to Queensland Health in April, obtained by The Australian, thoracic physician Stephen Vincent said PNG's Western Province did not have the capacity to care for the TB patients.

"The patients on active treatment from our clinic will generally die off once their treatment is stopped," wrote Dr Vincent, one of the Cairns-based specialists who runs the clinics on two Torres Strait islands.

"Prior to their ultimate death, (drug) resistance will grow and no doubt they will infect others."

"The June 30 date is in effect a death sentence for these patients . . . some of whom are young children."

When contacted by The Australian, Dr Vincent said he could not speak to the media without permission from Queensland Health.

The Australian and Queensland governments are shutting the clinics for financial reasons.

AusAID is working to help PNG improve its health infrastructure in Daru, and throughout Western Province generally.

However, even PNG's own Health Secretary, Clement Malau, said he had doubts about Daru Hospital's capacity to adequately treat TB patients.

While declining to comment on Australia's decision to shut the Torres Strait clinics, Dr Malau told The Australian that Daru Hospital struggled with access to clean water, sanitation and important drugs.

See these stories for more coverage by The Australian newspaper on both these issues -

State left with PNG health bill, 5 days ago
TB clinic shutdown exposes islanders, 6 days ago
Calls to keep TB clinics open, 9 days ago
PNG flotilla headed for Australia, 9 Mar 2011
Papuans ramp up citizenship bid, 3 Mar 2011

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June 8 2011, 4:16 AM 

Why should Australia care about PNG?

All they are interested in is PLUNDER!!

You must have eyes behind your back to blindly follow them, their social and moral dilema like gods.


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Stret toka

Re: Burning boats and closing TB clinics shows Australia doesn't care about PNG people

June 8 2011, 8:04 AM 

MM.......for someone who says they have travelled wide and far your ignorance is olympic. Instead of rubbishing the Australian Gov about Png's problems why arent you kicking the Png politicians up the backside for their neglect of the health system. Typical Png attitude we blame others for our own phuked up problems.

How much foreign aid does Png get from Australia but we see no results because of greedy power hungry Png politicians!

Those boat people knew what would happen to their dingies so why whinge about it like little school kids. Now we will see a compensation claim being made......what a joke!

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June 8 2011, 10:22 AM 

In my custom you burn my canoe or boat that means you have killed my whole family who depend on it for food gatering, fishing and transport. many incidents that happen these days in manus no one plays up with anyones boat as the result would be to horrible to comprehend. house burning is accepted boat destroying is an act of war!! cmon ol HBs mobilise go to the yacht club and bekim dinau!!

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June 8 2011, 10:48 AM 

The thing is Sunam, International Laws were broken, not village customs. These people knew the consequences yet chose to go against advice from Aussie High Comm. You can't cry like a baby when you know the consequences of your actions.

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Shame! Shame! Shame!

June 8 2011, 12:51 PM 

I love being a Papua New Guinean and will always be a Papua New Guinean, no matter what happens. We are richly blessed, diverse and unique in every way like no other place on Earth. From the mountains and valleys to the coasts and the islands we are a beautiful nation. Despite whatever issues and problems we are faced with, we are united.

It just makes me sick to read/hear of these people every now and then trying their luck claiming as Australian Citizens at Aussie High Comm without any luck and now forcing themselves illegally on Australian Soil. Shame on yous! You do not deserve to be in PNG. *** holes like you are free riders and a digrace to us.

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