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Hats off to you CJ Injia

May 25 2012 at 10:56 AM

I have watched the goings on in PNG politics and nothing seems to suprise me these days. The election period comes around and everyone wants to get their hands on the public purse before campaigning. Hence them all running around like headless chooks looking for means and ways to be in power.

I am not a supporter of Namah/Oniel or of Somare as their actions speak for themselves. I am however a supporter of the law and PNG constitution which says that the political and judicial branches of government must be seperate entities.

i would like to post my admiration for CJ injia because in the face of intense pressure he has not budged and stuck to the letter of the law. If he lets go then i fear for the future of my beloved PNG. This will bring in the rule of dictators. Even a prime Minister must be able to be judged for his/her actions.

Do not believe for one second when they say CJ injia is impartial. If he was then he would have taken bribes ages ago and we would not have this problem. cue Namah and his $30 Million campaign funds.

You tell me would you prefer to reieve a substantial bribe to keep quiet or choose to be harrased day and night by police/army that are supposed to protect you. Despite what you may think most people will go for the former, more so if they were corrupt.

The somare camp should hang their heads in shame for actually creating this situation where the government was in a state of hiatus while somare was ill and in singapore for a long time. they should have allowed a smooth transition of power.

The namah/oniel camp must hang their heads in shame because despite what they may think , they are LEGALLY an illegitimate government.

On a final note the general law fraternity should be doing more in its support of CJ. The silence is deafening , not saying anything amounts to you approving of this harrassment of CJ injia.

Thumbs up to you CJ injia. And years from now we will judge your actions as being of the most noble kind.

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May 25 2012, 12:36 PM 

long live judicilary.due to the timing we may be forced to dislike the decsion but i beleive this in the best interest for the nation in the future.!beware narmah is rising into being a dictator.

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Re: justice

May 25 2012, 12:41 PM 

just Heard that Yakasa's loyal Policement have sorrounded Parliament to prevent an illegal sitting. Parliament has been suspended. There is no emergency to recall parliament. Whilst Kulunga's men ae at Konodobu preparing for a clash

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Sunset Merona

Namah likely to use Police and Army in Vanimo-Green Election

May 25 2012, 1:01 PM 

We people in Vanimo-Green will clash with Army we don't care bring your army we'll see

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boss man

CJ Injia should be spat on for helping destroy the credibility of the judiciary.

May 25 2012, 8:07 PM 

What a hoot! I'm totally with you that O'Namah and the whole Somare gang (is there really any difference) are a bunch of crooks.

I would agree with you that the O'Namah government is totally illegal.

But where you get off thinking that Injia wasn't biased when he made that ruling? He hardly kept it a secret how he was going to rule. Since when did judges run around with their mouths hanging open, giving every indication of how they would rule in a case? VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and it was exactly that which gave the corrupt O'Namah twins their 'excuse' for ignoring the whole ruling.

Injia is a fool!

I also don't admire an embezzler, never have, never will. Injia very nearly got away with his embezzlement of the Hinchcliffe money which is a pathetic portrayal of him to say the least.

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Bowman opium eye Na lukim

May 26 2012, 12:02 AM 

bossman ating you mas blind stret ya... Who is more corrupt here O'Nama or Sir Injia?who has stolen from the simple people? Wo has caused more damage to the constitution? Man you must be from another planet? You will regret one day when your country turns into a dictatorship and armed police and army come to your door for any slightest disagreement you might have against dictator O'Nama.. Opium eye Na lukim!

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good gawd

What kind of shitty standards are you aiming for?

May 26 2012, 6:22 AM 

Oh stop that nonsense. Who's the most corrupt, who's the most corrupt? Don't you bladi get it? It doesn't matter who's the most corrupt, what matters is that THE WHOLE FRIKEN LOT OF THEM IS CORRUPT!!!!!!!!

Has PNG sunk to such a level that we want to elect the "mildly corrupt" rather than keep our standards high and find non-corrupt leaders. Do you honestly think that out of 7 million people, we can't find 109 MPs who don't womanize, don't drink or gamble, aren't general business spivs, and don't steal money?

"Who's the most corrupt?" you say? We shouldn't friken care, we should be shipping ALL of them to Bomana.

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CJ Biased

May 26 2012, 10:01 AM 

Upholding that decision, chief justice Sir Salamo Injia also said the order for Sir Michael's reinstatement still stands and has to be obeyed.

But only three members of the five-man bench were involved in the decision on the O'Neill government's legitimacy.

Two judges withdrew as it was being handed down after an internal court email from last February was published in a Sunday newspaper.

In it one of the presiding judges, Nicholas Kirriwom, refers to the O'Neill government as an "illegal regime".

Deputy chief justice Gibbs Salika told the court he had received the email.He said it meant the court's decision had been compromised and he would not be involved. Justice Bernard Sakora went a step further and disqualified himself. He said he would be disregarding his judicial oath if he proceeded

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Re: CJ Biased

May 27 2012, 1:11 PM 

Totally a Highlands mentality. PM & CJ both from the highlands right? Nama is also from the Highlands of sepik.

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Re: CJ Biased

May 27 2012, 1:48 PM 

As a whole our judicial system is now made up of judges who simply don't understand the underlying philosophies of law. They seem to have no clue that although human beings, by nature, tend to be subjective and biased, that the rule of law only works if a judge can successfully struggle and put aside that bias and simply look at the letter of the law.

Also, judges must be professional, never talking about cases or decisions to even their wives and families. That professionalism has also disappeared from our judicial system.

The deterioration in those ethics is bad enough, and let's not even get into even more disgusting stuff like Injia almost getting away with stealing the money that the late judge left nehind.

Whole thing is now a bladi mess and the lawyers as a whole are even worse in their corruption!

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bush mangi

Re: CJ Biased

May 28 2012, 6:55 PM 

if we are pointing our fingers on the judges but are failing to understand these facts.1.these are same human being for christ sake have been handing down the descion for so many donkey years.yet we have not been faced wth any problem.2.it was not the judges who created this problem,it was corrupted politician out of greed and power knowly did it.they should be responsible for all the mess the nation is.

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jimmy from POM

Re: CJ Biased

May 28 2012, 7:15 PM 

My friend, there have been complaints about judiciary bias FOR YEARS. It just didn't involve constitutional issues that made the front page. Simple as that. Just because you didn't hear about it, bush mangi, doesn't mean it wasn't a big problem. It only involved more minor issues.

You're right, it wasn't judges who created this problem. It was judges who allowed the problem to be a true crisis, everything reaching an impasse. Had the supreme court justices been untainted and above any suspicion, any O'Namah complaints would have bounced right off them and justice would have prevailed. Instead, the charges stuck for the simple reason that the judiciary HAS become corrupted. So every side it to blame, with different sides to blame at different points in the whole interaction.

THEY'RE ALL RESPONSIBLE. Friend, I don't think you fully understand just how corrupt our government has become, even our society has become. Please understand that the cancer is now threatening to bring the whole country down, irrespective of O'Namah and if you look at the various politics boards, it is clear that this election is very likely to produce a new crop of totally corrupt MPs, some repeats, some new thieves, but all representing a serious continued deterioration in our government's ability to deliver true services to the people.

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