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Re: blakwarameri_noken waritumas

June 30 2011 at 2:58 PM
Black Water Meri 

Response to Re: blakwarameri_noken waritumas

Mate, you read and answer my questions to go on with the trend and debate intellectually. Law enforcement point by my last paragraph - is to inform people like you, the existing scenario "illegal brothels" in PNG, the prime point of negligence in law enforcement in PNG. Why can't the police bulldoze them out and wait for its legality.

By legalising it, will the operators fully comply with the Parliament Act that will guide them, without abusing women in the sexwork?

Otherwise, you are yet to convince me to support legalising the sex industry in PNG! You answer my previous Qs and i will be happy to discuss further.

Black Water Meri
Rhein River

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