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Legalise Prostitution

July 4 2011 at 4:04 AM

Response to Re: blakwarameri_noken waritumas

I for one will not support legalising prostitution in PNG. Apart from so many reasons, one of the best and classic examples is the introduction of pokies/casino in PNG some years back.

When the debate for introducing pokies in PNG, people came up with so many reasons stating that pokies will create employment and pay tax returns to the government just like other suggestion here for prostitution. When pokies was finally introduced, almost everyone's life's being ruined. A classic example is when a public servant takes home his payslip, nearly 75% of the wages has been deducted by financial/money lending companies. Why?? Olgeta moni igo long dina long play pokies. And eventually the government is not providing strategies to assist pokies players becoming addicts....showing duty of care to pokies customers....

Despite some of the problems as rape and aids may be minimised as mentioned above, there is no clarification as on how these problems will be addressed similarly to pokies when first being introduced. Not every people will afford the best sex rate (will the sex price be controlled by the ICCC for every brothel) and even the possibility of getting infected with aids is high. Image our attitude & behaviour culture. Some infected people may force and threaten sex workers they would have sex with forcing them for a "skin to skin" basis and increase the normal paying rate for not using the condom.

This may sound stupid for a right thinking person but if ICCC is to control the price of sex, ICCC already failed to control prices of other goods and sex price will fluctuate. Meaning if the price is high, there is a possibility of high rape rate and problems relating to brothels will be high. If there is a competition I am convinced prices will be low and anybody will afford the rate. This means "skin to skin" and high aids rate. The most common things that we will experience are,high pack rapes and murder incidents in brothels by wives of married man and relatives. Don't ask me why? TINKIM ATTITUDE & BEHAVIOUR ISSUE BLONG YUMI LONG PLES.

Comparing ourselves to foreign developed countries, we are no way near to their standard in terms of financial, education etc... The bulk of our population is in remote communities where the culture is morally strong. Just for the minority few women in the cities and town areas influenced into prostitution and for their shake we cant introduce an act that will degrade majority of our women's (mothers & sister) moral and status.

When we legalise prostitution, it will be much worse that today tripling the aids & crime rates. Families will be broken up and all women folk in our communities and areas will loose their image and status being morally as women.

If Carol Kidu reads this post, I would like to know of the 6.7 million population what is the faction of women in rural communities engaged in illegal prostitution now that urges her to legalise prostitution? If its only few women population in the towns and cities, crying to legalise prostitution then find alternative options for them. They are just vagrants in these cities/towns and deport them to their respective homelands where they could work the land. God richly blessed our country and we have no reason or excuse for starvation etc... leading into prostitution.

God bless PNG.


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