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Girsl Education means faster Economic Progress? Christian Science Monitor

August 4 2008 at 8:43 PM

...an interesting article......

As women progress in developing nations, so do those countries' economies
New studies show that it's just 'good economics' to promote the welfare of girls.
By David R. Francis
from the August 4, 2008 edition

If a developing nation wants to make fast progress, it must educate its girls and give them more equality in jobs and economic opportunities.

Decades of international and domestic efforts to speed development in more than 100 poor countries shows that, as the title of a recent study puts it, "Girls Count."

More than just counting, helping girls get ahead and out of the limitations that so many cultures have placed on them for hundreds of years is vital to overcoming poverty and growing prosperity.

Even Wall Street, with its interest in international investment, sees this.

"Education, and particularly women's education, is critical" to economic growth, says Sandra Lawson, author of a 15-page paper given clients by the prominent New York investment banking firm, Goldman Sachs. She used for the title of the paper, a Chinese proverb, "Women Hold Up Half the Sky."

"Educating girls and women leads to higher wages," notes a summary of the paper. "A greater likelihood of working outside the home; lower fertility; reduced maternal and child mortality; and better health and education. The impact is felt not only in women's lifetimes, but also in the health, education, and productivity of future generations."

...more here:http://www.csmonitor.com/2008/0804/p14s02-wmgn.html


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meri nating

we women knew that.....

August 6 2008, 6:33 PM 

but why a ol man ino larim mipla ol meri kisim formal education?
Yes thank you 'granpa' for that posting which only goes to show/confirm that women do "hold up half the sky".
All studies and statistics will only confirm that women are part and parcel of the development package in any country.
And if women are overlooked, suppressed and made to feel inferior or second class citizens of their own country, then the country loses out on the value of that half of the countrys' population (the women).
Ol trupla tok wok lo kamaut nau....na mipla Papua New Guinea MAN (men) waitim wonem?
Give the women a fair go, in the home in the work place and in the education arena as well as decision making arena.

mi helpim strongim tok tasol!

'meri nating'

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